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With Game of Thrones season 8 episode 6, HBO's fantasy drama is marching towards its ultimate end. The last episode of this mammoth fantasy drama series may be disappointing but it surely is going to bring tears to several fans as this is the endgame we all have been waiting to see from the last eight and a half years.

When HBO's Game of Thrones started airing back in 2011, fans thought that it would be yet another series like Starz's Spartacus or HBO's Rome. In the beginning, there was too much sex and too little drama but as the series progressed, we got to see more drama, more high-octane sequences, and several shocking death.

Over the years, Game of Thrones has given us many surprising moments — let us not forget the death of Ned Stark in the very first season and how we thought that Robb Stark will finally be able to execute Cersei Lannister for her crimes but he was not even able to finish his meal at the Red Wedding. Talking about Cersei, fans first hated her for being the character she was but in season 2 and 3, we started to get scared of her because no one knew how she is going to react in certain situations but in the last couple of seasons, especially season 7 — Cersei Lannister proved that she is a true Lioness.

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Even though fans are hating Game of Thrones season 8 for its poor writing and poor ending of certain characters — Night King and Lord Varys' death were not shocking at all and as we covered extensively in the past, these two characters deserved something more gruesome by the end. Fans have even started an online petition urging HBO to reshoot the entire season 8. The petition is minutes away from crossing one million signatures but as we know that is not a practical solution. HBO is not going to reshoot the entire season 8 just because few fans hated it.

Nonetheless, the TV adaptation of George RR Martin's highly acclaimed series has given us something which no one ever dreamed of from a mere television series. For eight and a half years, millions of fans from around the world have come together to talk and discuss the characters of Game of Thrones. These discussions gave birth to several theories and speculations, some of which even came out true — for example, fans had predicted Jon Snow's parentage a couple of seasons before it was revealed by the showrunners.

For better or worse, Game of Thrones has united millions of fans from around the world and everyone will always be grateful for the content it has provided to all of us. The Emmy-award winning show has given us something to look forward to for the years to come.

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Now that the series is finally coming to an end, fans want to thank everyone who worked tirelessly to create something this magical. From cinematographers to key grips, from custom designers to set designers, from writers to actors, from the marketing team to their account handlers, from producers to several directors — all the hundreds of people have come together and created a show which we all have loved and admired for all these years.

The very last episode of Game of Thrones season 8 will air on Sunday night at 9 pm on HBO in the United States. Indian viewers will get to stream it on Hotstar on Monday morning at 6:30 am.