Hodor is alive
Hodor is aliveGame of Thrones/Facebook

Game of Thrones season 8 is going to premiere on HBO in April and fans of this epic fantasy saga are eagerly waiting to see how the showrunners will end this acclaimed TV series. When it comes to Game of Thrones season 8, more and more theories are surfacing on the internet. Most recent theory suggests that in the upcoming season, viewers might get to see more of Hodor.

In Game of Thrones books, Hodor is shown as a stableboy serving at Winterfell. As per books and the subsequent TV series, Hodor is over seven feet tall and has brown eyes with a brown beard but what makes him more unique is his uniqueness of saying only one word, Hodor.

In the book titled, A Dance With Dragons or Game of Thrones season seven, it was shown how the Hodor, Bran Stark, and others reach the cave of the three-eyed crow but are ambushed by wights just outside the cave's entrance. During the fight, Bran uses his ability as a skin changer to enter Hodor to fight off the wights.

Following which, Brad goes to flashbacks and finds himself in the Winterfell courtyard, lovingly watching a younger version of his father, Ned Stark. Along with his father, Bran sees Hodor, who back then was called by his mother as Wylis.

Things for them change completely when during the present time, Bran and his companions are attacked by the White Walkers and the Night King comes inside their hidden cave. Bran hears Meera call for him to wake up and come back to the present, but in the flashback sequence, Bran hears Meera calling him and at the same time he hears her shouting for Hodor to help them.

Bran tries to warg into Hodor but instead, ends up warging into Wylis. During their fight, Meera screams for Hodor to "hold the door," which also comes out in Bran's flashbacks, seeming driving the young lad in Winterfell insane and saying only Hodor, as just hold the door.

Game of Thrones season eight theory
Jon Snow and Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones season 8Game of Thrones/Facebook

As of now, it is not clear whether Hodor was killed by the White Walkers or not as the exact last scene showed him getting scratched by the White Walkers. But as per a recent theory by a Redditor, fans might not have seen the last of Hodor just yet as he could end up in the final battle. As per the Redditor, Hodor might have been turned into a Wight.

"When he was killed by the wights, his body was never burned," the Redditor adds. "Hodor has probably risen again as a Wight and we are going to see him fight against the Starks in season eight."

Will we get to see more of Hodor in the episodes to come? More information will be unveiled when Game of Thrones will return on HBO for one last time with season eight.