angry wife
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As outrageous as the idea of your partner being unfaithful to you seems – what outrageous limits would you go to, to teach them a lesson? For everybody who believes in taking things to a whole new level, this woman might have some inspiration to offer.

In a shocking footage now released online, a nearly naked woman is seen being brutally beaten up by the wife of her lover, after the two were caught in the bedroom.

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A resident of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in south China, the scorned wife is said to have already suspected that her husband was having an affair, but her temper had an outburst when the cheater brought his mistress home.

And then the wife did the unthinkable – she called up her friends and relatives and accompanied by them, burst into the bedroom of their home and caught the cheating husband in bed with his mistress.

The clip – that has now become viral and is being rapidly circulated online – shows both the cheating man and the mistress being yanked out from under the duvet and then separated.

Watch the video HERE.

One of the wife's relatives pins the man against the cupboard and threatens to beat him up if he moves, while the mistress is dragged on to the floor and she's only in her underwear. Then begins the beating – repeatedly, almost brutal blow after blow rain on her, leaving her red and bruising.

The young woman doesn't fight back though, she just curls up into a ball in an attempt to defend herself from the blows, crying until the end of the video which thankfully shows the shocking attack to have ended.

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It is still unclear whatever continued after the video ends but the man's mistress was most probably sent home with a warning. Adultery not being a crime in China is what prompts a lot of wronged partners to often feel the need to take matters into their own hands.

But this can definitely lead to assault charges.