BK Gupta
Former Delhi police commissioner BK Gupta (left) addressing an event.RAVEENDRAN/AFP/Getty Images

Brijesh Kumar Gupta, a former Delhi police commissioner, fell prey to a brazen theft as robbers allegedly stole an iPad, documents and Rs. 30,000 from his car at Civil Lines area in Delhi, Saturday, March 24. The cop who spearheaded the Delhi police force in 2010, was on his way to Chandigarh when the theft took place, PTI reported.

The incident took place near a gurudwara in Majnu-ka-Tila, a colony in Delhi, when the thieves struck Gupta's car. Gupta who resides at Greater Kailash in Delhi was on his way to participate in an amateur golf tournament in Chandigarh.

The former top cop had asked his driver to pull over so that he could transfer his luggage to another vehicle. While Gupta and the driver had stepped out of the car, the robbers allegedly unlocked the door and stole his personal belongings such as documents, Rs. 30,000 cash and an Apple iPad, the news agency reported.

Gupta later filed a complaint with the police. In the complaint, he claimed that when the driver had stepped out of the car after locking it, the thieves sneaked in through the rear door.

Police is now analysing footage from nearby areas to identify the thieves. No arrests have been made so far.

"We have registered a case of robbery against unknown persons. An investigation is underway. The place where the incident took place has no CCTV camera. The culprits will be behind the bars soon," Jatin Narwal, Deputy Commissioner of Police (north district) was quoted by India Today as saying.

The police are on the lookout for the culprits as they are questioning local gang members from the area for any leads.

In a similar incident, thieves targeted a doctor's vehicle and stole his personal belongings in the Civil Lanes area Friday, March 23. According to TOI reports, the driver of the vehicle was distracted as he was changing a flat tyre following which the theft took place.