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A house in Bengaluru's JC Nagar was burgled last week in which the thieves fled with a 25kg locker. It later turned out that the locker only contained a Rs 100 note. 

The details of the burglary came to light after Bengaluru Police arrested a seven-member gang, the Times of India reported.

While the police recovered gold and other things amounting to Rs 7 lakh, it has been revealed that the seven accused were employed as security guards at apartments and offices in the IT city.

Last week, the gang barged into a house in JC Nagar and found a locker which weighed 25kg. As they failed to break open the locker, they decided to flee with it.

It has also been revealed that the sister of one of the accused was working as a domestic help at the house. She had reportedly informed the gang that the family members won't be there for four days.

"They expected to find cash and jewellery in the locker. However, when they managed to open it, they only found a Rs 100 note," a police officer said.

In a similar incident last year, the police in New Delhi had solved a case following the love bites found on a 23-year-old woman's neck. The woman had allegedly planned to ransack her house along with her lover. They wanted to elope ahead of her marriage, which was forced on her by her parents.