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A cab driver in Bengaluru received a call asking him to plant bomb in a church in the city, a local report said, even as authorities have placed a high alert on several sates in India including Karnataka in the wake of Sri Lankan bombings. 

The 25-year-old cabbie received the disturbing call from an international number, on Thursday, the Deccan Herald reported. The caller asked him to plant a bomb in one of the churches in the Silicon Valley.

The incident came into light after he filed a complaint with the Ashok Nagar police. He complained that he received a few calls from international numbers, while he was near Garuda mall around 11.37 am. 

The calls came from 9632308252, +651-3762512 and 9384986184. The caller hung up immediately. After 11.45 am, he received one more call from +81590091286, adds the report.
According to the police, the driver, identified as Lingaraju, was unable to understand the conversation fully as the caller was speaking a mixture of Hindi and Urdu. The suspicious caller asked him to give his bank details to transfer cash to get the job done. After he received the money, he would be given the details of the church that should be bombed.

The cabbie got panicked and disconnected the call and immediately reported this to the police. The police are investigating the case. Eight states including Karnataka have been on alert after after intelligence agencies learnt that as many as 19 terrorists have infiltrated into the country.