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A 39-year-old father and his 19-year-old daughter have been arrested on February 27 from Panama City, Florida after they were caught having sex in the backyard of a house by their neighbors. However, the suspects told police it was an isolated incident and they do not have any romantic relationship.

Panama City police was alerted by the witnesses who said they spotted Justin Bunn and Taylor Bunn "having sexual intercourse in a missionary position in the backyard," of a home, which was three miles (around 4.8 kilometers) away from their residence, said Cosmopolitant, citing Smoking Gun.

Taylor also told police that she had consensual intercourse with her father. 

Currently, both of them are facing incest charges after they confessed to having sexual intercourse. The father's bail is set at $5,000, while the daughter's set at $1,000, according to reports.

On February 28, the Bunns were produced at the court. Moreover, during the bail hearing, a judge had ordered them to stay away from each other and refrain from having any contact, according to the Miami Herald.

Last month, a man from West Virginia made headlines when he left his wife to have an incestuous relationship with his biological daughter and later they also had a child of their own.

Both the father and daughter are currently facing criminal charges.

Last year, a 26-year-old Oklahoma woman, identified as Misty Velvet Dawn Spann, was arrested for having sexual relation with her 44-year-old mother. They also planned to adopt a child together.

Misty was sentenced to 10 years of probation after she pleaded guilty to incest.