Egyptian cleric
Egyptian cleric Mazen Al-Sersawi claims daughter born out of marriage are not "real daughter."Youtube/screenshot

Yes, you read that right; and it is not a scene from the popular Game of Thrones show. A prominent Egyptian cleric has stirred a controversy after he told his followers that Islam allows fathers to marry their daughters and have sex if they are born out of wedlock.

Mazen Al-Sersawi, the Egyptian cleric, said that the incest between a man and his daughter is allowed if she is illegitimate. He made these shocking comments in 2012, but the video has gone viral now.

In the video, Al-Sersawi quoting extreme preacher, Imam Al-Shafi'i, said that the daughters born out of marriage cannot be considered the "real daughter."

"Because an illegitimate daughter does not carry her father's name, she is not his daughter according to Sharia. She is not officially attributed to him," he said.

While Al-Sersawi cites Al-Shafi'i, several other clerics have pointed out that Al-Shafi'i has been misquoted.

Al-Shafi'i said that if a man commits adultery with a woman, then he is allowed to marry her daughter, but he should not be the father of the child, Stepfeed quoted Sheikh Mohammad Hassan, a Salafist cleric, as saying.

Muhammad Metwali Al-Sharawi, an Islamic scholar, had previously said that Islam does not allow men from having a relationship with the daughters of women they have had extramarital sex with.

Meanwhile, Mazen Al-Sersawi's statement has not gone down well with social media users.

"Egyptian cleric says: Man can marry his own daughter. So Man can be a father & grandpa at the same time? Oh shit," a Twitter user said.

"Even Animals don't do it but Egyptian cleric says men can marry own daughters.A rotten lot," another said.

"Sex with daughters... Cannot get more disgusting than this."

"If the world continues to tolerate such nonsense in the name of religious freedom, you know how the future wud be."

"What a mindset!  #sick ...... Egyptian cleric says men can marry their own daughters."

"Egyptian cleric says men can marry their own daughters if they are born out of wedlock. Fkn sex obsessed zombies!"