"The Flash" will zoom back into our TV screens on 6 October with a number of exciting events.

We have all seen the teaser for Season 2 and so we know that the first Flash aka Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears) will make an appearance, which means Barry (Grant Gustin) will travel in time again, possibly through alternate realities. As it turns out, not only will he see the Flash before, he will also see the Flash after hi, i.e. the Kid Flash.

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It has been confirmed that Australian actor Keiynan Lonsdale of "Insurgent" fame will portray Wally West in the series. The comic books show Wally as Iris West's (Candice Patton) nephew, and therefore, Barry's nephew by marriage. He is initially called Kid Flash, The Flash's sidekick, but goes on to become The Flash later.

Seeing how Season 1 ended, the possibility of his presence can be explained by Barry time travelling into the future. But, could the Kid Flash also be a part of DC's "Legends of Tomorrow"? We do know that characters from both "The Flash" and "Arrow" will be seen in the upcoming show.

This is a huge possibility as his introduction to "The Flash" may just be the groundwork to bring him to the new unlikely team of superheroes, whose main goal is to defeat the immortal superhero, Vandal Savage (Casper Crump).

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When Barry ran faster than he had ever run before, he also saw flashes of alternate realities, one of which was Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) as Killer Frost. In the coming season, she is expected to take on the role.

Her partner at the STAR Labs, Cisco (Carlos Valdes), will also recognise his sonic powers that make him Vibe. He had not acknowledged it in Season 1 because it was very subtle, but Dr Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) pointed it out and told him to think back on what has happened since the explosion of the particle accelerator, especially the dream sequence where he imagines his own death.

In Season 2, he is struggling with the superpowers and seems like a victim because he did not ask for them and does not even want them. He is also worried that the wormhole would either kill Barry or create an alternate universe where he is not best friends with Barry.

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Meanwhile, Barry himself may land in trouble, more specifically, jail, according to one of the visions; and the likeliness of it happening is very high, because that is a major storyline in the series. It is a reference to "The Trial of The Flash", in which Barry was imprisoned after he accidentally kills one of his adversaries.

However, it need not necessarily happen in Season 2 itself, in fact, that event could itself make for an entire season. Rest assured, it will happen sooner or later. As Gustin pointed out, "The Flash" showrunners do not take their Easter Eggs lightly and the promised storyline will be explored.

Come back here for regular updates on "The Flash" Season 2, which will premiere on 6 October.