"The Flash" fans can be assured that their scarlet favourite speedster will be back with more friends, more enemies and most importantly, more universes on 6 October.

In the San Diego comic-con panel, the creators revealed that with Barry's (Grant Gustin) first mentor Dr Well being discovered to be his nemesis – literally, he is called the Reverser Flash – he will be getting a new mentor in Jay Garrick aka the first Flash (Tedd Sears). Jay will help Barry in fighting Zoom, a super-villain faster than the Reverse Flash.

Another friend Barry will get in season 2 is Patty Spivot, who will join as a part-time lab assistant to Barry at the Central City Police Department. The iconic role or Patty, who becomes Barry's partner and in an alternate reality his wife, will be played by Shantel VanSanten, who was part of the recently-cancelled short-running The CW series "The Messengers".

Who is Patty Spivot?

  • Patty is a romantic interest for Barry Allen, and almost faced the same fate as Barry, which is a lightning/chemical bath combination that results in the person gaining high speed. However, Barry saves her the from the fate, but this heroic act makes Patty fall for Barry.
  • In the series, she joins as a new partner for Detective West – seeing as his old partner and Iris' boyfriend Eddie (Rick Cosnett) was dragged into the wormhole with Dr Well's body.
  • In the comic books, she also meets and works with the second Kid Flash aka Bart Allen (grandson of Barry and Iris) in 3011, and sacrifices her life to save him.
  • In an alternate universe where Barry is not married to Iris, Barry is able to bring Patty back to life, and in this world he is in a relationship with her.

Watch a short teaser-trailer for "The Flash" Season 2 below: