Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said on Saturday that the first cabinet meeting has given approval in principle to implement the five guarantee schemes promised in the Congress party's election manifesto.

"The details are being worked out. The next cabinet meeting will be held next week," he said. Addressing the first press conference at Vidhana Soudha after taking over as the Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah stated that it has been agreed upon in the cabinet to implement five guarantees.

"No matter how much money is required for the schemes, we will implement them as per our promise," he underlined.

Congress takes charge in Karnataka: Siddaramaiah cabinet clears approval for five guarantees, to release order in next cabinet meetingIANS

There was genuine speculation that implementing Congress's five 'guarantees' would cost an estimated Rs 50,000 crore per year. However, as promised, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has initiated the process of executing the party's five election campaign promises, with the cabinet providing its in-principle assent on Saturday, May 20, in the firt cabinet as promised.

Five Guarantees

The five guarantees cover a wide range of social welfare programmes, such as financial aid for unemployed graduates and female heads of households.

Siddaramaiah told reporters, "I am confident that we can implement the guarantees without pushing the state into debt," he said. "We intend to reduce excessive spending and reduce the number of loans. I don't believe our government will be unable to raise the amount." The plans are scheduled to go into action as soon as next week, following the next cabinet meeting.

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The five guarantees include the Gruha Jyoti scheme, under which the Congress government plans to offer 200 units of free power supply to every household. The Gruha Lakshmi plan project aims to provide women with a monthly stipend of Rs 2,000. The Anna Bhagya programme seeks to provide 10 kg of rice free of charge to every member of a below-poverty-line (BPL) household.

Other promises made

In addition, the government intends to implement the Yuva Nidhi scheme, which provides unemployed graduates with Rs 3,000 per month for two years and unemployed diploma holders with Rs 1,500 per month. Finally, the government's Shakti initiative attempts to promote gender equality and empower women by providing free public transportation bus ride to women.

"These guarantees have already been approved, and orders will be issued soon. We will not return, regardless of the financial cost," Siddaramaiah stated. He also clarified that the free bus travel for women would only apply to women from Karnataka. Siddaramaiah has also inquired about the state of the Indira canteens. "We'll be starting this again soon," he promised.

Suspense ends: Siddaramaiah to be next Karnataka CM with DK Shivakumar as Deputy CM

The cabinet has also resolved to request that the Governor call the first session of the new Assembly on May 22, 23, and 24, in order to swear in the new legislators. "The new legislators will be sworn in by the pro-tem Speaker (Congress MLA RV Deshpande)." Following that, we shall elect a new Speaker in the same session," Siddaramaiah stated.

When asked about the scheme's process, Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar said the government would require some time to set the criteria for identifying beneficiaries, but that it will be completed next week. He stated that for schemes involving money transfers, the sum will be transferred into the beneficiary's bank account.