Hyundai Creata 2020

February 2020 overall sales figure declined by -6.70% with a figure of 250,698 units compared to 268,843 units in Feb 2019. Maruti Suzuki was the winner again with 133,700 units with a slight decline of -2.30%. Kia entered the Top3 with 15,644 units with just 2 cars and with Sonet in place, chances are there in can topple Hyundai for the number two position.

Hyundai, which came in second, sold 40,010 in Feb 2020 against 43,110, a decline of -7.20%. Tata lost around -31.40% YOY with 12,430 units compared to 18,110. Mahindra was the biggest loser in terms of the numbers of 13582 units YOY, It sold 10,352 compared to 24,520 YoY Feb-2019.

Toyota Sold around 10,352 in February 20 against 11,760 in Feb -19, Renault profited the most with a 40.70% increase in the units selling around 8,784 units in Feb -20 against 6,241 in Feb-2019.

After Mahindra, Honda was the biggest loser with a loss of -46.80% selling around 7,200 units in Feb-20 against 13,527 in Feb-19, Ford gained around 350 units selling 7,019 against 6669. Skoda, Nissan Jeep also was in negative with VW taking the last spot.

Brand wise car Sales Data.

February 2020 Car Sales

Market Share

Maruti increased the market share by 2.40% when compared to Feb-19 with 53.30%. Hyundai maintained the 2nd place with 16%, however, Kia gained most with a share of 6.2% toppling Tata and Mahindra which recorded less than 5% share.

Brand wise Market Share details

Car sales Feb 2020 Market Share