Tanvi Vyas the Perfect Muse

Actress Tanvi Vyas walks down the runway yet again and this time for designer Poonam Vohra. Tanvi who plays the perfect muse to Poonam also shares a special a special bond with the designer. Tanvi calls her her grooming expert and says she’s responsible for everything she is. Gurpreet speaks with the actor about walking [...] Sep 8, 2014

Chile celebrates the 100th birthday of poet Nicanor Parra

Chile celebrates the 100th birthday of one of its most famous poets, Nicanor Parra. The tribute ended in Santiago with a concert from his grandson, musician Cristobal Ugarte, who played some of his grandfather’s poems, on the piano. Duration: 01:19 Sep 7, 2014

Peru holds the 7th Mistura food fair

Lima holds the 7th Mistura international food fair, which brings together almost 300 small-scale businesses as well as 190 food stalls. The fair celebrates farmers and chefs working together to showcase the country's produce. Duration: 01:35 Sep 7, 2014