Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them actor Kevin Guthrie was sentenced to three years in jail for sexual assault. A report on BBC mentioned that the actor was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in an apartment in Scotland's Glasglow in the year 2017. The actor had earlier denied the charges stating to the Glasgow Sheriff Court he had "helped" the woman after she fell ill. 

Kevin had earlier denied his role in the sexual abuse, but later his DNA was found inside the woman's underwear. The actor was found guilty after four days trial and had been placed in the register of sex offenders in Scotland. 

Kevin Guthrie

Neither Warner Bros, nor JK Rowling, nor the representative of the actor has responded to the charges. A report on BBC further stated that Tom Hughes, who was the sheriff of the court (similar to a U.S. judge), told Guthrie, "The court must show that women can be protected from domestic sexual offences. The offence you have been convicted of caused distress and consequences to the young woman involved in this case."

"She was unwell and thought her drink had been spiked elsewhere that night," Hughes continued. "The jury accepted that you committed these heinous crimes and the only appropriate sentence is imprisonment."

The incident happened in the year 2017 when the victim had called ill on her way to meet Reid and Guthrie. When Reid had left to call the National Health Service helpline, Guthrie had allegedly taken advantage of the situation. The victim told the court that she had a vague memory of her shirt being removed and groped before Guthrie sexually assaulted her. When Reid had returned to the room, the assault had stopped. 

In the Fantastic Beasts series, Kevin Guthrie had played the role of Mr Abernathy. He also made his on-screen appearance in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk.