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Telugu movie Falaknuma Das (Falaknama) starring Vishwaksen Naidu, Saloni Mishra, Harshita Gaur and Prashanthi Charuolingah, has received mixed review and rating from the audience.

Falaknuma Das is a romantic action thriller film, which is a remake of the critically acclaimed Malayalam movie Angamaly Diaries. Besides acting, Vishwaksen Naidu has directed the film which has been is produced by Karate Raju, Cherlapally Sandeep Goud and Manoj Kumar Katokar. The movie has received an A certificate and its runtime is 2.30 hours.

Falaknuma Das story: Das is young man with a traditional upbringing, but his boisterous nature gets him involved in the world of crime. He loses his temper, acts irrationally during a dispute with a rival business group and ends up killing someone. What happens next forms the crux of the story of the movie.

Performance: Vishwaksen Naidu has done good job in his first attempt and his performance is one of the highlights of Falaknuma Das. Saloni Mishra, Harshita Gaur, Prashanthi Charuolingah, Uttej and Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam have done their jobs well and they are also among the assets of the film, say the audience.

Technical: Falaknuma Das has good production values and background score, picturisation, action and dailogues are the attractions on the technical front, add the film goers.

Falaknuma Das movie review live updates: We bring you some Telugu viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Scroll down to see the audience response.

Sai Akhil‏ @Sai_Akhil666

#FalaknumaDas is a raw movie with natural performances portraying the essence and aura of whole old city, Hyderabad bold youth and friendship which is not everyone's favorite genre ofcourse the film came out for targeted audience reached well for single screens.. The way he(director) viewed the film is totally different from other regular film makers by which we get the cult feel of Falaknuma with that brilliant cinematography and outstanding re-recoding gave rebirth and new high to the film every time on screen.. I heartily appreciate and congratulate Vishwak Sen bhai for this daring attempt.. I was thinking how he managed to shoot in that kind of messy locations that too in public.. Brave attempt for selected genre. ❤️ #MassKaDas #Paandu #Filment #Circuit and our favorite #BTSaidulu ichi padesadu mana local kurallaki. !!!

Jalapathy Gudelli‏ @JalapathyG

#FalaknumaDas Is remake of Malayalam movie 'Angamaly Diaries'. Faithful to the plot and screenplay. By just changing pork business to mutton business, can the universe and characters of Angamaly fit into the milieu of Falaknuma? This is where the film erred big-time.

Power star the king‏ @chegueverasurya

#FalaknumaDas @vishwaksens bro u have given ur best. U captured the soul of hyd very well. U could have taken better care in 2nd half. But ur hardwork never fails. U have bright future be selective. U have awesome screen presence and in emotional scenes u are very natural

CBN Ane Nenu Again On May23rd✌‏ @dinneshchowdary

#falaknumadas First half is with full mass entertainment and ends with a bang up to this movie is awesome. later the lagging 2nd half with not worthy ending. mass audience movie ni miss avakandi. A good film. You can enjoy the original version Congratulations @SureshProdns

Rajeshwari Prasad‏ @RajeshwariGowd

#FalaknumaDas 'might' serve as a Mass lovers delight, @vishwaksens tried to deliver his best amongst so many poor performances. The most natural remains the antagonists Raju,Ravi&Tharun Bhascker. Gotta appreciate the efforts put in by Vishwaksens.

Ravi Kiran‏ @kasojuravikiran

Good movie. A bit laggy but we can manage it. 1 time watchable. Bgm is superb. #FalaknumaDas

Tight_Slapz➿‏ @Tight_Slapz

#FalaknumaDas Review The original is improved to a better taste of TELUGU audiences I really wish this movie to rock in all centers. Other than mass audience Terrifically exhibited tale of Nijam slums. 3.5/4

Rohit‏ @Rohit_Lingam

Done with 1st half... Vivek sagar.. Take a bow man.. BGM mentalssssss #FalaknumaDas I would say this is a good attempt by vishwak to portray the essence of hyd and its culture in a raw n rustic way..Tharun bhascker U r an actor man Good to see uttej sir getting a prominent role after a long time..Please release the OST's of the film soon @SureshProdns Loved Title cards song and the 1 min bit of kailaah kher's hindi song. 2nd half is a bit let down and continuous shot at the last doest seem engaging(good try though). Vishwak is the new talent to look out for.. #FalaknumaDas PS-I Didn't watch the original version.

Prathusha☕‏ @prathushaparsh

@HarshitaGaur12 There is very little space in movie for all the lead actress's and Harshi though you had a little scenes to portray you have done a splendid job and acted naturally as #Sakhi #HarshitaGaur #FalaknumaDas

Vishnu Reddy‏ @imVISHNUvREDDY

Watching #Falaknamadas After 1st half : G**davalga vundi ra Movie. After 2nd half : D**indu complete Shape out Ipoindi. #TarunBhaskar nailed it he is the best in this movie. Ahh DOP evaro kani actors face lu vethukovalsi vachindi

Vamsi-Shekar‏ @UrsVamsiShekar

#FalaknumaDas First Half: Attitude kaa BAAP #MassKaDas Mass Ride with extraordinary BGM New age making on board with extraordinary BGM #FalaknumaDas

Cherry Pulipaka‏ @CherryPulipaka

#FalaknumaDas Pros: True to "Angamalay Diaries" Viswak Sen Cons: Everything else Overall: Malayalam lo aadindani ikkadiki tekudadu bossu manaki yekkavu ilanti movies. Rating: 1/5 #MassKaDas

#FarmerisKing‏ @roopak999

#FalaknumaDas avg. 2nd half drag but aa locations characters culture too good portray chesaru.

TeluguFlix‏ @TeluguFlix

#FalaknumaDas review +ves - Vishwaksen and Tharun bhasker - First half - Music - New talent actors - Hyderabad Nativity -ves - Slightly dragged second half Our Rating : 3/5 Pakka Hyderabadi Bomma #FalaknumaDas #Vishwaksen

Unpaid Media‏ @media_unpaid

@vishwaksens Watched the #FalaknumaDasPaidPremieres last night. Calling it a mental torture will still be an understatement. I felt like vomiting cuz of camera shakes. Very mediocre movie/below par dialogues. Like seriously,Why did u even make? #FalaknumaDas My Rating : 1.5/5