Pooja Bedi and Swara Bhaskar
Pooja Bedi and Swara BhaskarCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

Bollywood actresses Pooja Bedi and Swara Bhaskar requested women to share their fake orgasm stories as a part of Durex India campaign, which has received mix response from the netizens.

Durex is one of the best-selling condom brands across the world with 30 per cent of the global market. It recently launched a new campaign to raise awareness about orgasm inequality. It has brought in several celebs to about it and started a debate on this topic, which has led to trending of hashtags like #OrgasmInequality and #IFakedItToo #FakeOrgasm on social media.

Pooja Bedi is one of those celebs, who have joined hands with Durex India in this campaign. She shared a video and captioned it with, "If you're faking it, you're not loving it! Share your #FakeOrgasm stories and queries with me as I go live from @durexindia page on 1st June at 1 pm. I'll be answering all your questions on #FakeOrgasm. Do tune in!"

In the video, Pooja Bedi is seen saying, "Yesterday Durex claimed that nearly 70 per cent of women in India don't orgasm every time during sex. Really? It sounds so unbelievable, but it is 100 per cent true. But what happens when partners having sex don't orgasm together? Well! Fake orgasm! You can't really blame anyone."

Pooja Bedi adds, "It's a kind of awkward conversation you have. But you know what? Let's have that conversation. I am going to take over @durexindia and I am going to answer all your questions regarding fake orgasm. You can tag @durexindia tell us ur story or direct message to Durex India. We will keep you along."

Swara Bhasker, who was trolled for masturbation scene from Veere Di Wedding, has also joined hands with Durex. In a video, she says, "I am so glad that Durex has begun this conversation about fake orgasm in a country like India, where there is so much silence around sexuality. All of us are familiar with the conversation about fake orgasm."

"I and one of my friends were talking about it for a few days. She was sort of mentioning how she had a fake orgasm with her partner because she was not comfortable discussing her pleasure with her partner. I really feel that this is something that has to stop. If we have to end gender in equality, we also have to end orgasm in equality."

Some netizens appreciated Pooja Bedi and Swara Baskar taking up the issue of fake orgasm and creating awareness about it. But others slammed these celebs saying that Indian women are facing even more serious problems than this one and these jobless actresses were busy campaigning for the small cause.

A netizen named नील‏ (@I_M_4_BJP) tweeted, "all jobless actress are promoting @DurexIndia #FakeOrgasm for their livelihood. new syappaaaaa." In reply, Pooja Bedi wrote, "It's your job in bed to make sure your woman orgasms... and hopefully she doesn't fake it... respect for women shows both on twitter and in bed. Tune in. Learn more."

Here are what other netizens saying about the Durex India campaign against fake orgasm:

CitizenFirst‏ @RKTyagi96

Yes, this is a million dollar topic. India is lacking years behind the world if we don't discuss this as gender equality is on the top.

Sameer‏ @QmSameer

Mam, aj original milna bahut mushkil hai, sab fake hai !! ‍♂️ However, without jokes its a good step towards improving on sexual behaviour and information.

Akriti Tyagi‏ @akritityagi30

Oh my god. Orgasm is a natural biological phenomenon. It is not the guy's fault that if gets too excited and cums before the woman. And it is definitely not his fault if he is biologically unable to have multiple orgasms. Stop giving feminists a bad name.

Shivangi Prabhudesai‏ @ShiviStormborn

Darling, while it is not always the guy's fault if he cums too soon but it is his responsibility to make sure that the woman orgasms as well - same goes for the lady. Who are you helping if you're faking it? Idea is to raise awareness not get into feminism.

Krishna‏ @Krisvishy

It's an unnecessary step. Durex has taken its marketing level to a cheap affair. Sex education or awareness is different from sharing the intimate stories online . There's a sanctity to it , Bollywood would definitely not promote it , for al you know Bollywood sells on sleaze.

Sunil‏ @sunny_herc

does @DurexIndia want a bill to be passed on Right To Orgasm in parliament

Nitin Rathore‏ @commoninsaan

Sex Guru banoge ab aap.. You guys will now to dig into people personal life. #shamefull

MS Adithya‏ @Adithya2418

In India almost half of the population don't get to eat three meals a day and people are talking about orgasm, man we people in cities don't have any idea of our country .

Mens have heart too‏ @RajNgc

So many #MenToo r victims of sexual harassment by #Female bosses. If MEN don't satisfy sex demands, they r slapped with #FakeCases #Fakecases by wife like 498A,DV,125,377,376 etc.... No laws to protect #men Amend #GenderBiasedLaws @dgpup @Uppolice @CMOfficeUP @JaunpurSp

Abhishek Yadav‏ @abhics04

Well now @poojabeditweets is talking something close to reality. Orgasm-ing same time is rare and actually difficult to pull-off. However, I still don't find the need of sharing stories in bed. Believe it's a an scraping attempt of something very very personal to someone.

Sanjay B‏ @SanjayBirari

Better focus on real women issues like domestic violence, dowry , female infanticide , child marriage etc