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Vishwaksen Naidu's Telugu movie Falaknuma Das (Falaknama) will have large number of premiere shows in Indian and around the world on Thursday night, a day before it is officially released in theatres on May 31.

Falaknuma Das is a romantic action thriller movie, which is about young boy from Angamaly, who has a traditional upbringing grows up to become a righteous yet a notorious gangster. How he tries to establish his monopoly over the lucrative Pork business in the village forms the crux of the story.

Vishwaksen Naidu has written the script and directed the movie, which has been produced it with Karate Raju, Cherlapally Sandeep and Manoj Kumar Katokar. Vishwaksen Naidu, Saloni Mishra, Harshita Gaur and Prashanthi Charuolingah are seen playing the lead roles, while Uttej and Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam appear in the important characters.

The makers have spent a bomb on the production and publicity of Falaknuma Das and its promos have also grabbed many eyeballs. After seeing the hype, the distributors have made grand arrangements for its release, by booking a large number of screens across the globe. The film will have premiere shows in 100 location across the US.

The makers of Falaknuma Das announced to hold its premiere shows in the Telugu states on Thursday night. After seeing the huge demand, they increased the number of theatres. Suresh Babu, the owner of Suresh Productions, which is presenting the film, tweeted, "You have shown your love for Das , now we are showing our love for you, 15 More screens added for #FalaknumaDasPaidPremieres."

We bring you the response of the viewers, who share it on Twitter after watch Falaknuma Das in the premiere shows tonight. Continue to see their verdict.

Varun Kilaru‏ @varunkilaru

#FalaknumaDas #FalaknamaDas - A decent 1st half is followed by a meandering pointless 2nd. Tarun Bhaskar and the guy who played Ravi lead a stellar supporting cast that is let down by the not so impressive lead cast! Vivek Sagar disappoints but the cinematography stands out!

Kaadhandi Aavedhana Undadhandi‏ @swaroop_19

Super first half, good 2nd half. @vishwaksens acting and direction athi thaggisthe inka baguntadhi. Vivek Sagar Trailer BGM konchem use cheyalsindhi. Love track lite. Uttej and gang andharu kummesaru, Tharun Bhaskar Unique experience overall. 3.75/5

Sohit Nag Kamagoni‏ @iSohitnag

@vishwaksens Sorry, but the movie couldn't manage to sustain my concentration.The camera work was nauseating, the dialogues were overcooked. IMHO the only thing good about the movie is #tharunbhascker, everything else? I'd give it a pass. Verdict - 1.5/5 #FalaknumaDas

vivekreddy byreddy‏ @byreddyvivek5

#Falaknamadas Raw emotions ,natural acting ,relatable story and real life characters , importance of friendship in difficult situations , arrogance and realization Overall excellent movie ☮️❤️


The only take away from the movies is #tharunbhaskar acting and kick ass BGM from Vivek sagar..other than that film is a waste of time #falaknamadas pure disappointment..#masskadas

SputHnic‏ @SputhnicBhahuk

Aaat.. #Falaknamadas Fab acting by cast Ma Hyderabad cinema ra bhai.. Mass engaging first half✊ One more cult in tollywood❤

kunalclintonguyyani‏ @kunalclinton

@vishwaksens dialogues writing in the movie is out standing and soo realistic to Hyderabadi cult crowd #FaluknamaDas #Falaknamadas

Srikanth Reddy‏ @srikanth2828

Excellent first half paka hyderabadie #FalaknumaDas

CinemaPichhi‏ @CinemaPichhi

#FalaknumaDas First half : scene to scene, frame to frame, dialogue to dialogue just as the original. If any credit has to be given, its for the original #AngamalyDiaries Decent watch if you haven't seen the original #FalaknumaDas : Decent first half and below average second half Positives: Rawness in scenes, BGM, authentic Hyderabad nativity Negatives: No story, Climax, too loud, Cinematography, too many cuss words, Love track and songs Rating : 2/5

Santhosh Kumar Bojja‏ @santhoshbojja

#FalaknumaDas Meaning less bekar chillar panchayath. No story, no emotions... Vishwak Sen poor acting and poor direction. Totally disappointed. Rating 1.5/5

Mirchi9‏ @Mirchi9

First Half Report: #FalaknumaDas A faithful adaption of Angamaly Dairies, terrific writing and excellent background score gives #FalaknumaDas , a heart. Overall an average first half, if we give the boring and regular romantic drama, in between, a miss. #FalaknumaDas is a glossy remake that fizzles out totally by the end. The writing, for the most part & the BGM stands out for the exemplary work on display.