Seolhyun says she was overwhelmed when her relationship with Zico became public.Instagram/Seolhyun

South Korean girl group AOA's singer Seolhyun has addressed the fake nude photos scandal and shared warm words with her fans. The 23-year-old singer said that her agency is working to get hold of the people who edited her photos.

Her agency FNC Entertainment issued a statement Monday clarifying that the photos showing Seolhyun naked in her bathroom are fake. According to reports, the edited photos were circulated on social media with the caption "Photos from a cell phone that Zico lost".

A day after the photos surfaced online, she took to AOA's official fan café to address the issue. According to Soompi, she wrote in the post, "To my loving Elvis [AOA's fandom name]. How should I start this post? I came here because I thought I should say something to you because your hearts are probably aching."

Seolhyun further said that she won't let other people become a victim of this scandal. "Like our agency said, we're going to find the people who produced and spread the photos, and I am going to do everything I can to make sure there are no other victims," she said.

"I know it may be too much to ask that all our lives are filled with nothing but happiness, but I hope that at least for the people I love, there is nothing but happiness for you. I'm always grateful to you," she added.

FNC Entertainment said that there won't be any leniency in this case and they are taking legal action for circulating such photos and defaming Seolhyun.

"We will be taking strong legal action against not only the fabrication of the edited photos but also the spreading of such photos together with false information," the agency said in a statement.

"We will ensure that the person responsible for creating and spreading [the edited photos] will be severely punished. We are also clearly stating that we will not be lenient regarding this matter of defamation of character," the agency added.