Trump Marine One video fact check
Trump Marine One video fact checkIBT Creative

As the presidential campaigns run wild leading up to the 2020 US elections in November, US President Donald Trump has been under the spotlight for some good reasons and bad. The recent criticism the president faced was over the fake videos shared on social media in an attempt to malign presidential nominee Joe Biden. But Trump is not completely immune and as it turns out one of his videos has become the topic of spectacle and ridicule.

There's no shortage of Trump's Marine One videos and often he addresses the media before boarding the presidential chopper. But one video where he waves at the press and walks away towards the Marine One only to take a detour few steps later has gone viral. In the video, which has been watched over a million times, Trump keeps the Marine One waiting as he walks on the White House lawn and stands by the puddle. The video ends there. You can watch it below.

The 12-second video has once again raised questions about Trump's health, with many folks saying the president is "lost", "disoriented", "confused" and whatnot. Thousands of Twitter users have reacted to the video, making the hashtag #MarineOne go viral on the social media platform.


At IBTimes, we've witnessed a sudden spike in the number of fake videos on both presidential candidates, Trump and Biden. The latest one is Trump's Marine One video. While the video is passed on as being a recent one, we dug deeper to discover the original video is from August last year and it has been cropped out in such a way that it appears humorous to some.

Trump Marine One video fact check
Trump Marine One video fact checkIBT Creative

Trump's Marine One video is not entirely fake, it's just not the full video. Instead of making his way to the Marine One, Trump changes direction to stand by a puddle, appearing clueless. But looking at the full video shows that the president was actually for the first lady, Melania Trump, to join him before boarding the Marine One. Trump, in the full version of the video, is seen pointing out to the puddle to make sure she doesn't step in it.

Several users rightly pointed it out. And based on the evidence, we declare the viral video of Trump appearing lost before boarding the Marine One as misleading.

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