Twitter and Facebook went on a banning spree when outgoing US president Donald Trump was found in serious violation of platform policies that instigated violence at the US Capitol. But the temporary suspension turned into a permanent one for Trump on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram placed an indefinite block on the President's account. With that, reports started spiralling that Trump had been banned from many such platforms.

The Claim

A tweet went viral on social media claiming to be from "Pornhub Update" that said Trump was also banned by PornHub. Many users were quick to share the piece of information and in a matter of time, it went viral.

Trump banned

Netizens were quick to also believe that PornHub might have actually banned the US President seeing how Twitter and Facebook stripped Trump of his access to his personal accounts. Twitter even went ahead and blocked other accounts, which were allegedly used by Trump to communicate further using TrumpTeam, etc. Trump's attempt to tweet from @POTUS was also stopped by Twitter.

Adding fuel to fire, the PornHub ban seemed legit when rumour about Trump's cameo in Home Alone 2 was digitally removed.


It's true that Donald Trump has been banned by Twitter and Facebook. But anything else is fabricated. Just like Trump's cameo being removed from Home Alone 2, PornHub banning the US President is an attempt at humour and false.


The biggest giveaway is the fact that the update came from an unverified Twitter handle. The official Twitter handles of PornHub haven't shared any such information in this regard. Based on these facts, International Business Times has arrived at the conclusion that Trump being banned by PornHub is false.

Claim reviewed :

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