After being permanently banned from Twitter and Facebook, US President Donald Trump was expected to be digitally removed from Home Alone 2: Alone In New York where he had a cameo. There was also a suggestion that actor Christopher Plummer was expected to replace him. The announcement was made from the verified Twitter account of Dan Slott, who is the comic writer for Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Spider-Verse.

Home Alone 2 Donald Trump

"BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump to be digitally replaced in HOME ALONE 2 with actor, Christopher Plummer," Dan Slott wrote on Twitter. 

The news spiralled into a viral meme, which users widely shared on Twitter mocking the outgoing president. Many users shared the information further, adding more fuel to the fire. 


But only a few hours later  Dan Slott issued a clarification that he was joking. "Hi. This was not news. This was a joke. It's scary that I have to leave this here on this thread 21 hours later, but here we are.Hi. This was not news. This was a joke."

His joke was largely misunderstood. Christopher Plummer had replaced actor Kevin Spacey in 'All The Money In The World' after he was accused in the MeToo movement in 2017. When International Business Times checked Home Alone 2: Lost in New York on Disney+Hotstar, the shot had not been removed. Neither was he digitally replaced. Not in India. 

Donald Trump Home Alone

Donald Trump, who was then a prominent personality in the US had appeared in a cameo sequence in the film Home Alone 2: Alone In New York where he directed young Kevin to a certain destination. Donald Trump had also appeared in various other films and popular television series such as Sex and The City, The Little Rascals, Zoolander, Two Weeks Notice to name a few. In the popular American television series, FRIENDS, Donald Trump also had a mention in the episode named, The One With The Kips. 

Donald Trump removed from Home Alone 2 in Canada? 

On Canadian television, the film had aired without Trump's cameo in on the Christmas of 2019. According to a report on The Guardian, the Canadian Broadcasting Company had removed the eight-minutes clip for commercials. This took place in Canada much before the Capitol protest and Black Lives Matter Movement. 

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Donald Trump will not be removed from Home Alone 2 cameo

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[Note: An earlier version of the story had suggested that Donald Trump would be removed from Home Alone 2 cameo after Dan Slott had shared the information online. The article has since been updated to reflect verified facts.]