Post the Twitter ban for Donald Trump, the social media didn't take a moment to offer its two cents. Is it a classic case of chickens coming home to roost? Hillary Clinton definitely thinks so, who responded to Trump's Twitter suspension, with a Tweet from back in the day. 2016, to be specific.

Hillary Clinton walks off the debate stage as Donald Trump remains at his podium after the conclusion of their debate.reuters

The Former First Lady of the US, culled out her tweet from four years ago when she had asked Trump to delete his Twitter account. The first tweet was provoked by Obama endorsing Hillary Clinton. Trump had tweeted then, "Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four more years of Obama but nobody else does!." To which Hillary Clinton had responded with, "delete your Twitter account."

Hillary 2016 tweet

About four years ago when Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump were slugging it out, for the very office that Donald Trump, has not so gracefully lost to now President-elect Joe Biden, their Twitter has been replayed on social media platforms ever since Trump lost the election.

Not the first tweet coming back to haunt Trump

The war of words and social media slugfest has turned around for Trump and how. In 2011 and 2012, Donald Trump 'predicted' that President Barack Obama would start a war with Iran to ensure that he was reelected, have been doing the rounds of the social media platform, much to the amusement of Netizens.

Trump old tweet

That is the very intention that Donald Trump has been attributed with, after the U.S airstrike killed top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, escalating tensions between the two countries.

He also spoke about 'accepting defeat with dignity'

Ironically, that advise by Donald Trump was tendered to Hillary Clinton after she lost the Presidential race in 2016. Little wonder, There's Always A Tweet is a popular hashtag and a common jibe on social media in the context of Donald Trump. And his tweets, posted in past and contradicting his present.

"Vladimir Putin said today about Hillary and Dems: 'In my opinion, it is humiliating. One must be able to lose with dignity.' So true!" read the post, on Donald Twitter's account not very long after he became President. Cruel ironies of time.

Reactions galore....

The more, the merrier, the funnier.