facebook lite

Facebook's iPhone application has a huge download size, pressing plenty of features and code into a file that can top 500MB, as per descriptions on Apple's App Store.

But the company makes a lite adaptation of its application, called Facebook Lite. It was initially planned for people in "developing" nations where mobile data speed can be questionable. But loads of people in countries where LTE is available at large prefer the slim version of the application as well, because it uses less data than the main Facebook application, and is faster in many aspects as well.

Facebook Lite already was accessible for Android phones in specific nations, including the United States. But now, Facebook has launched Facebook Lite for iOS.

The download size of the lite app is under 5MB. Its essential features are that it uses less battery, bandwidth, and storage space on the device, which is similar to the Android version of the app.

However, as of now, the release comes with a catch: the application is just accessible in Turkey. Facebook regularly launches new products in just a couple of nations first so that it can gather reviews and information before the product is launched in other countries, or globally.

Facebook launched Facebook Lite for Android back in 2015, and it had more than 100 million users in 2015. The app launched for Android in the United States not long ago. The Facebook Lite app for Android has been regularly updated over time to reveal new and interesting features, and to provide a user experience which is largely similar to the main app, only a bit faster and light on the storage, processor, and battery.

Facebook is not the only app in the "lite" league. As of late. Twitter, Messenger, YouTube, and Skype all offer "lite" adaptations for Android phones.

The lite version of these applications see a large number of downloads, which obviously means that they will be a rise in popularity as people start using them more and more, and no longer need to wait for high-speed data or WiFi to access these apps.

On its support page, Facebook states the Facebook lite for iOS is as of now accessible in "select" regions.