Mars alien life

Scott C Waring is one of the most popular names among alien enthusiasts and this self-proclaimed extraterrestrial is known for exposing anomalies of Mars and lunar photos via his website 'UFO Sightings Daily'.

Recently, the researcher has claimed to have spotted a male skull with well-defined jaws and teeth on the Martian surface and he argued that this is authentic proof of ancient alien life that once thrived on the Red Planet.

Even though sceptics consider the findings of Waring a simple case of pareidolia (the ability of human brain to form recognizable images from an unknown pattern), Waring strongly believes that he has found some startling details regarding alien life on Mars.

After discovering the man-like structure on Mars, Scott C Waring has now outlandishly claimed that the male-oriented society which once existed on the Red Planet was the real reason behind the extinction of life there.

"This ancient society on Mars is a male dominate culture. I find very few female faces and most the faces I find are male with beards, crowns, mustaches, aged older males with wrinkles. That alone may account for a large reason why their species went extinct," wrote Waring on his website.

The researcher added that the intelligence and ingenuity of female species were ignored by Martian men, and thus, they increased the odds of destroying themselves and society. Waring also made it clear that the combined intelligence of male and female is extremely necessary for a balanced world, and if any species falter in this area, they will inevitably face extinction.

A couple of days back, after discovering a seemingly fossil-like object from Mars, Waring has requested the United States president Donald Trump to make him the head of NASA. The researcher from Taiwan also added that he will disclose all the secrets about alien life if he gets a chance to work as the leader of the United States space agency.