Humanoid UFO
YouTube: Mavi777

Mavi777, a popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel has recently uploaded the video of a UFO flying in the skies of Ontario, Canada. Interestingly, the unidentified flying object in the clip showed striking similarities to a human body. The humanoid figure can be seen moving slowly in the skies, and it apparently had a black body.

The conspiracy theory channel revealed that the video was shot on February 01, 2019. As the video went viral on online spaces, many conspiracy theorists argued that the humanoid UFO spotted in the skies could be actually an alien with flying capabilities. Some other people claimed that a certain section of humans have flying capabilities, and one such incident is now recorded on camera.

Even though conspiracy theorists consider this sighting as authentic proof of alien existence, skeptics have quickly dismissed this angle, and they made it clear that the video could be manipulated for racking up more hits on YouTube. Certain other people assured that the bizarre object in the skies could be actually a humanoid-shaped kite.

After watching the video, viewers of Mavi777 also put forward various theories to explain this bizarre incident.

"The first one looks like and floats with the wind like a group of helium party balloons tied together would. An alien craft would make some kind of erratic turn or high-speed maneuver," commented Bruce Waye, a YouTube user.

This is not the first time that humanoid figures are appearing in the skies. A few months back, a humanoid unidentified flying object was seen hovering in the skies of Kansas. The figure was spotted in broad daylight, and it made many people believe that an alien scout ship has finally reached the earth.

At the first glance, the humanoid-shaped object that appeared in the skies of Kansas looked like a kite or balloon. However, close analysis of the object revealed that it has perfectly cut edges.