'Ghost Particle' Proves Aliens Exist
A scientist had previously released this photo, dated 1947, of 'real alien autopsy' from Area 51.Youtube/ Dietrolafacciata

Conspiracy theorists all across the world have long been claiming that Mars was once like the earth, and the Red Planet had an ancient civilization which was wiped out in the course of time.

Now, adding heat to their claims, John Brandenburg, a top American physicist has joined the bandwagon and argued that he has found proof of a potential nuclear war which might have happened in the Martian surface.

While talking to Coast to Coast AM, Brandenburg revealed that all forms of life might have wiped out from Mars following a nuclear impact triggered by an external force. The physicist also made it clear that two powerful nuclear weapons were used to destroy Mars, and as a result, it has now turned into a barren land.

"The best working hypothesis is that Mars was like Earth and developed an indigenous, humanoid species like us, that evolved to a primitive civilization. It looks primitive. We don't see any roads, airports, anything like that. It appears that there was a primitive civilization on Mars and somebody attacked them from space because the explosions were airbursts of two massive nuclear weapons," said John Brandenburg, Express.co.uk reports.


Brandenburg made this astonishing conclusion of aliens living on Mars after analyzing the atmospheric readings on the Red Planet. The findings shocked Brandenburg as he found the atmosphere of Mars loaded with Xenon 129, a peculiar isotope usually associated with nuclear reactors and the fallout from nuclear explosions.

As per Brandenburg, the nuclear explosion which happened on Mars was deliberate, and he believes that a foreign force was involved in this act.

"The two regions of residual radioactivity on Mars, which are very weak but they're still easily detectable, and Thorium and Potassium are correlated with Cydonia Mensa and Galaxias Chaos, this other center of civilization. There certainly would be levels of radiation in these areas that would be easy to detect for human beings," continued Brandenburg.

The physicist also added that he made these revelations now due to the growing tensions of nuclear war on planet earth. He believes that the occurrence of a nuclear war on the earth will bring chaos, and just like Mars, the now-blue planet will also turn inhabitable.

Even though Brandenburg connects large amounts of Xenon 129 to a nuclear war which happened between aliens in the past, NASA believes that the existence of this isotope can be explained by cosmic rays bombarding the planet.

A few days back, Scott C Waring, a popular extraterrestrial researcher said he had spotted a human-shaped structure on Mars. After making this discovery, Waring argued that the structure he located on the Red Planet could be either an alien fossil or a statue. But NASA terms all these claims as hoax stories with no scientific explanation.