As the US presidential election is just months away, a top Chinese expert has shockingly claimed that reigning American president Donald Trump could start a war against China to blaze nationalism. These remarks are being now made by Wang Yunfei, a retired Chinese naval officer, and he believes that a controllable conflict with China could improve Trump's approval rating.

Dreaded war or managable conflict?

Experts believe that the possibilities of a dreaded war between the United States and China are quite low, especially without the Philippines' agreement. However, they predict a 'controllable conflict' initiated by the United States, in the disputed South China sea.

Wang claimed that the most likely target of the United States army will be most probably Scarborough Shoal. It should be noted that the Scarborough Shoal is the largest island in the Philippines, and is currently contested by Manila and Beijing. The Shoal was a shooting range of the US military, but now, it is under the control of Beijing.

"There are no troops stationed there, so the consequence of a [US-China] diplomatic conflict is relatively smaller. The American military might also try to humiliate the Chinese in the name of a resumption of their shooting training," said Wang, SCMP reports.

Political experts also believe that upcoming global powerhouses like India could join hands with the United States if tensions between Beijing and Washington escalates beyond a controllable conflict.

Donald Trump War
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North Korea's evil intentions

A few days back, Andrew Weber, who was assistant secretary of Defense for nuclear, chemical and biological defense programs during the Obama administration had warned that North Korea led by Supreme leader Kim Jong-un will make use of the coronavirus outbreak to develop deadly bioweapons.

According to Weber, the current pandemic offers a golden chance for North Korea to import equipment from western countries, and they could make use of these technologies to build lethal bioweapons.