snake ghost
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The existence of ghosts and demons has been perplexing humans for years. Even though there is no scientific base for these claims, many people believe that these entities do exist, as human life is not limited to the physical body. Now, Reverend Bill Bean, a popular Christian exorcist has shared a testimonial, where he dealt with a woman who got transformed into a serpent-like being.

Exorcist's mindblowing testimonial

Bill Bean shared this testimonial while talking exclusively to Daily Star. According to Bean, the woman who was the victim of demonic possession had had snake-like eyes, and she contorted her body like a slithering reptile.

"In a case in San Diego, this woman's eyes changed to a yellowish, greenish type of color and had these reptilian-looking slits for her pupils. I will never ever forget that. Her body was withering around like a serpent, like a snake, and contorting in ways that a human body can't. I'm happy to tell you that God worked through me to deliver her but I will never ever forget that" Bean told Daily Star.

Even though Bean had performed numerous exorcisms in the past, he claimed that this particular case was the most horrifying one in his career. He also made it clear that this woman used to growl and hiss, and sometimes, she even tried to bite him.

The mystery of near-death experience

In the meantime, several people believe that near-death experiences faced by people all across the world are authentic proof of life after death. They also believe that humans continue their journey in spiritual form after taking their last breath. Many of the NDE victims have claimed to have seen bright tunnels and heavenly beings while being on the verge of death.

However, medical experts assure that human life ends when the brain stops functioning. According to these medical experts, it is a peculiar survival trick adopted by the brain during the time of life-threatening events which is resulting in these visual hallucinations.