Sumeet Vyas and Kareena Kapoor Khan in Veere Di Wedding (left), Ekta Kaul
Sumeet Vyas and Kareena Kapoor Khan in Veere Di Wedding (left), Ekta KaulYouTube screenshot/Instagram

Apart from the lead cast of Veere Di Wedding, Sumeet Vyas, who played the character of Kareena Kapoor Khan's boyfriend in the film, is the one who is being highly praised for his performance.

The actor impressed the audience with his simplicity and sweetness in the movie. In an exclusive interview with International Business Times India, Sumeet spoke about how he is in real life, his experience in working with Kareena, his girlfriend and TV actress Ekta Kaul's reaction to his performance and a lot more.

Below are the excerpts from the interview:

International Business Times: So, how are you feeling about the success of Veere Di Wedding? Did you expect the film to do so good at the box office?

Sumeet: We had hopes that it will do well as it is an entertaining package. But the kind of response the film got, it's beyond the expectations. It's overwhelming.

IBT: Your character of a charming and sensible boyfriend is being liked by a lot of girls. Are you enjoying the special attention?

Sumeet: I would say thank you (laughs). I am just glad that the character has been received well and people are appreciating my work.

IBT: Do you consider this film to be the turning point for your career that you were looking for?

Sumeet: I don't like to burden a project with all my expectations. I didn't think on those lines before the release of the film, and I also don't want to think like that after it has become a success. Having said that, I am very happy that the film did well. I hope it materializes into some better opportunities, but I won't just sit down and relax, thinking now things will happen automatically. I was working hard on this film and I will continue to do so in future as well.

IBT: How excited were you to be paired alongside Kareena Kapoor Khan and how was the experience working with her?

Sumeet: Anybody would be, and I was very excited to work with such a big star. It was lovely working with her. She is a thorough professional, so focused and always on time. Even after achieving so much in life, she is very humble.

IBT: Your character in the film was shown as a very understanding, mature and patient boyfriend. Is Sumeet the same in real life too?

Sumeet: I would like to believe so (laughs). I think we all believe that we are very sensible, understanding and mature people. Actually, people around me will be able to answer this question better. But generally, I am not a very temperamental person. So, in that sense, I am pretty close to the person I played.

IBT:  What was your girlfriend Ekta Kaul's reaction after watching the movie, and especially your performance?

Sumeet: She told me she really liked the film and my performance as well. She didn't know that I could dance and lip-sync, but she also felt that I can do better in lip-syncing and dancing, which I also believe I should work harder on. But overall she liked my performance. People around me always say nice things to me (laughs).

IBT: Veere Di Wedding is done, but when can fans expect to see Sumeet and Ekta's wedding?

Sumeet; There is no plan as such as of now. I hope that happens but we are not working on those lines right now. We both have been doing our own things, and we are having a good time.