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International Business Times, India, got in touch with Rakhi and her husband Ritesh for an exclusive interview to talk about their life after marriage, romance and more about her the man in question.

There is only one thing we all want to know, when will we get to see you? What is it that is preventing you from coming in front of media?

Ritesh: See, my only question is what will I get out of it? What will I achieve by coming in front of media or industry people? It's a personal choice, I don't want any publicity. My business won't run on this publicity. I don't see any achievement in coming upfront and saying 'I am the person Rakhi is married to'. I married her, I am very happy with Rakhi. We don't need anyone to breach our privacy or disturb us. I love my personal life and I don't want to spoil it.

Tell us something about your husband. Since it does not seem like we would get to see him anytime soon, tell us a bit about what kind of a person he is.

Rakhi: He is a very simple man. He always tells me 'my god! You are a glamorous girl and I am not good looking', but, I tell him that looks don't matter. I love you, you love me that is enough for both of us. What the world thinks of you doesn't matter to me. Jitni khushi mujhe saari zindagi mein nahi mili, utni khushi mujhe mera husband deta hai. Mera itna khayaal rakhta hai, I am so happy.

We both do a lot for each other. He gave me everything I needed – car, jewellery, home. In December, he is taking me all around the world for a grand tour. I always wanted my husband to respect me and love me and that's what he does. He doesn't look at anywhere at any other woman. Isse jyada mujhe aur kya chahiye? Aur good news main aapko ye dena chahti hoon ke my husband was a virgin till marriage. Isse badi baat aur kya ho sakti hai. I am the first woman he has made love to.

Rakhi Sawant in her latest Instagram video
Rakhi Sawant in her latest Instagram video.Instagram

So have you seen any changes in the Ritesh you knew before marriage and now as you know him as your husband?

Rakhi: Not at all. Men in India are such hypocrites, they look at women wearing short clothes but don't allow their own wives to wear short dresses. But my husband is not like that. He told me wear whatever you want to wear and do whatever work you want to do. He doesn't restrict me in any way. He gets happy to see me onscreen. Even if I show my cleavage, he doesn't mind. He says 'tumhari life hai jaise karna chaho vaise karo. Jaisi thi vaisi hi raho'. He has only told me respect his parents which I do.

So are your in-laws happy with the way you dress or the controversies you land yourself into?

Ritesh: They don't have any issues. They believe everyone should have their independence in life. I am from a typical Hindu family but I strictly believe that a girl's clothing does not define her character. My entire family loves Rakhi. My whole family believes Rakhi is God-sent for us. I am enjoying every bit of being married to her.