Rakhi Sawant wedding

Ever since the news of Rakhi Sawant's secret wedding surfaced, fans and media persons have been trying their best to get a look at her husband Ritesh. Rakhi herself had announced that she would introduce her husband to the world through Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 13. And now that the season has passed halfway through, International Business Times got in touch with Rakhi Sawant to know about her change of mind.

Rakhi Sawant
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"Mere paas saare messages hain ke they want my dates for Bigg Boss, but my husband doesn't want to come in front of Salman Khan, in front of Bigg Boss, in front of media, anywhere. He doesn't want any criticism. He feels media always criticises me and he doesn't want to go through the same thing. He says that you are a strong girl, you can handle all of that but I will not be able to handle any form of judgement or criticism and hence he refused to be a part of Bigg Boss," she said.

The reason for saying no to Bigg Boss

Rakhi further added, "He is a big businessman, he knows that even if one picture of his comes on social media, it would come out everyone, all around the world. He won't be able to travel peacefully, he would not be able to do business properly, he would not be able to have business meetings. He will be known everywhere as Rakhi Sawant's husband. He doesn't want people to know him like that. Unki apni individual identity hai, people should know him for who he is and not who he is married to. I don't want anybody to use his name. I should be known as Ritesh's wife and not vice-versa."

Salman Khan's request

On being delved deeper whether the makers of Bigg Boss and Salman Khan had indeed approached her, Rakhi said, "I have so many messages from Bigg Boss asking me to come. They told me that I should come even if it's just for one day. They said you can charge whatever you want, we will pay. I requested my husband, told him let's go but he is not ready. Bigg Boss wants me with my husband, he doesn't want me alone. Even Salman Khan has requested, but my husband said no."