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Vikram Bhatt's Spotlight 2, an upcoming web series by Viu, is about young, flamboyant musical sensation Vicky Verma, played by Karan V Grover. The series narrates his journey to stardom and his subsequent professional downfall. 

Produced by Bhatt and helmed by Siddhant Sachdeva, the series also stars Aditi Arya and Ruhi Singh and will be streaming from January 26 on Viu India.

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In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, India, Karan, who is making his web series debut with Spotlight 2, spoke about his role, his experience working with Bhatt and much more.

Here are excerpts from the interview:

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IBTimes: How did you bag the role in the web series?

Karan: I had met Vikram sir at the launch of his show Maaya and expressed the desire to work with him. He said he would call me when something appropriate came up. He was kind enough to call me when he was writing Spotlight. And when we met, the first thing he asked me was if I still had long hair. I said yes. He said he was going to use it for a character called Vicky Verma. That is how I got Spotlight 2.

IBT: Tell us about your character in Spotlight 2

Karan: Vicky is assumably one of the best singers in the country. He becomes so successful that he stop realising and valuing what he has. He gets carried away by success, drugs, alcohol and every notion that a successful person has. He starts feeling invincible and then he goes through a self-destructive phase and lets go of the one person who had trusted him and helped him completely to get to where he is.

He then realises his mistake. How he tries to resurrect himself is what the show is all about.

IBT: How was it working with Vikram Bhatt?

Karan: Vikram sir is insightful, I would say. When you sit and talk to him about scenes and characters, you start feeling better about yourself, about your own character and about your own learning process. He is very very detailed in his emotions, very specific on how his characters interact. So, it has been an extremely good learning and evolving experience working with Vikram sir.

IBT: Can we expect to see you working with Vikram Bhatt again?

Karan: Absolutely! I will work with him as long as he wishes to work with me.

IBT: Do you think Spotlight 2 will be as successful as the first season?

Karan: I think it has the potential of taking the brand forward. And it should be more successful than Spotlight.

IBT: How are the two seasons different?

Karan: That was an actor's journey first of all, and this is out-and-out a the journey of a singer who loses himself, and it's a love story. So, primarily it is a musical love story that automatically makes it very different. Plus, it is a story of a rockstar. Also, this has Vikram sir and Siddhant Sachdev (director) on board.

IBT: Any plans to reunite with the cast of Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant for a sequel?

Karan: The Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant cast right now is busy. As you know, Pallaviji is doing a show on Star Bharat, Vahbiz (Dorabjee) is busy, Riddhima (Pandit) is hosting some show. As and when we get time, we definitely try to connect and catch up with each other every three-four months.

About the sequel, I don't know if it is happening. And whether I will be a part of it depends on makers. Making a show has huge elements involved, and every element has to be convinced about why they are doing the role.

IBT: Any plans to enter Bollywood?

Karan: Bollywood entry is not a gate that I can just open (laughs). Once you are doing work, your work has a journey and the journey takes you wherever you fit. I have been lucky enough to work on the web, TV and one film. So, the journey is on. I'm sure it will come to me some time.

IBT: Tell us about your next project

Karan: I don't have a next project, to be honest. I'm actually just chilling and watching Netflix.