Krushna Abhishek, Kashmera and Arti Singh

It has not even been a week but tempers are already flying high inside the Bigg Boss 13 house. And the recent hospital task undoubtedly has brought out the worst in many of the celebrities. News anchor Shefali Bagga's questions to Arti Singh about her broken marriage and affair with Sidharth Shukla quickly brought her name to the top trends in the country.

While netizens have hailed Arti Singh for keeping her cool and maintaining her dignity during the hospital task, many have lambasted Shefali for being so vicious. Tina Dutta and Kishwer Merchant extended their full support to Arti. Shefali has already been tagged as the 'villain of the season' by netizens. However, the allegations made by Shefali regarding Arti's broken did grab eyeballs.

IBT got in touch with Arti Singh's Bhabhi and Krushna Abhishek's wife, Kashmera Shah, to know more about the allegations. Opening up about Shefali Bagga's behaviour towards Arti during the task, Kashmera said, "All I can say is when it was Arti's turn she didn't stoop down to a low level. Infact, she played the game without being in a revengeful mode. She maintained her dignity and fought fair. At the end, it's a task and people will end up saying things that they don't mean. We need to learn to not take these things seriously. I am really proud of Arti."

On further being asked about Bagga's claims of Arti's marriage being broken, Shah said, "Arti has never been married."

In the next episode, Shefali was seen fighting with her teammates saying she cooked up few stories to win the task and get ahead in the game. Well, that was definitely below the belt attack by Shefali Bagga. Now, whether Arti decides to clear the air about the claims made by Shefali in the coming episodes, remains to be seen.