Meng Hongwei - Interpol
Meng Hongwei, Former president of Interpol.Reuters

The former chief of Interpol, Meng Hongwei, has admitted his guilt in accepting millions of dollars in bribes at a court in northern China on Thursday, June 20.

Meng admitted to accusations of using the various position he held between 2005 and 2017 to help companies make illegal gains and accepting bribes worth $2.11 million by Chinese prosecutors in a trial at Tianjin's Intermediate People's Court.

His official verdict would be declared later, Chinese state media, People's Daily reported.

His former positions in the Chinese government include former deputy minister of public security, director of the coastguard and deputy head of the state oceanic administration. The alleged crimes, according to the Chinese newspaper, was linked to the positions he held back in 2005.

Meng's whereabouts were unknown since September 25 last year when he travelled to China from Lyon, France. Days after his wife reported him missing in early October, Interpol released a statement that said Meng resigned as its president "with immediate effect."

Around 12 days later, Chinese authorities confirmed they had detained Meng as he was accused of accepting bribes, abusing his position of power for personal gains, using state funds to finance his family's extravagant lifestyle and disregarding the principles of being a party member.

As first elected Chinese president of Interpol, the global law enforcement agency that operates in 192 member countries, Meng replaced French police officer Mireille Ballestrazzi in November 2016 and was due to serve until 2020.

South Korean Kim Jong Yang was elected president of Interpol at a general assembly meeting in Dubai in November 2018.