Avengers Endgame
Avengers Endgame opens on April 26, 2019Marvel Studios

Marvel fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for the release of Avengers: Endgame on April 26. But there will always be spoilers and they have flooded the internet. Some should not be taken seriously, while some appear with such genuine ideas that you just can't ignore them.

A new leak has been creating quite some noise on Reddit and it comes from a man who claims to have worked with one of the movie's production houses. Now that is some serious credential.

The user aptly named, ImLeaking, has shared the general outline of the plot as well as the fate of the biggest characters. The user claims to have worked with one of the production houses on a contract basis and that contract was terminated after someone was found to be leaking information.

*Spoiler alert from here on.

The plot of the movie goes like this –

It all starts with Captain Marvel who is investigating a distress call from Xander before the decimation. Captain Marvel has formed an alliance with the Nova force. There, Rhomann Dey has decided that he will avenge the death of his family by killing Thanos himself. Captain Marvel tries to convince him against it but Rhomann doesn't listen to her. Elsewhere, after exploring the Quantum Realm, Antman travels time and reaches 1996 to get a Kree device from Fury, the year is right after Captain Marvel leaves.

Avengers Endgame movie trailer
Avengers Endgame movie trailerMarvel Studios (@marvelstudios/Instagram)

After meeting Scott Lang, Nick Fury mistakes him to be a Skrull, and later he learns that Captain Marvel is well and living. 

Now, back to Tony Stark, who is stranded in space, tries to boost the power of Benatar with just one Anulax battery to start the installation of a Quantum system that will help them to jump between different points in the universe. By doing so, they successfully return to Earth and after that, they create a suit that will protect them from time travel.

Elsewhere, Rhomann and Captain Marvel go to face Thanos but they get overpowered by him. But does not get killed. On the other hand, the rest of the Avengers take help of the previous movies to find out how they can defeat Thanos. They try to prototype Vibranium but it fails for being unstable. They end up making the Gauntlet (which Thanos had but a broken one) with Uru metal from Mjolnir. The Gauntlet is then forged to fit the Hulk and Thor, who can use it because of their neural system. Though the green hero will be able to bring back all the dead Avengers, his arm will explode from the gauntlet.

The climax would see Captain America dying as he will disintegrate once he controls the Gauntlet. The movie will also see Iron Man retiring.

And as the credit scene goes this is what the leaker had to say, "it's usually the last piece on a movie. There were discussions but I have a guess it's related to Doctor Strange and a very secret scene with chroma in Atlanta. Sounds like the cosmic entity that helped Ant-Man is talking to Doctor Strange. And... if it's decided to go with two, is probably a piece of Spider-Man Far From Home."