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Julianne Moore says beauty is perceptual

New Delhi, Feb 8 (ANI): Julianne Moore has said that the thing about beauty is that it is perceptual and not about what one looks like.The 'Still Alice' actress, who was not considered pretty by her classmates because she wore glasses at 16, asserted that she had glasses and no-one thought she was terribly attractive and then suddenly, everyone thought she was pretty after she wore contacts, an online portal reported. The 54-year-old actress added that but she was the same person perceived as pretty. Feb 8, 2015
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Kanye West wants Kim K to 'Dress Sexier'

New Delhi, Feb 8 (ANI): Kim Kardashian has revealed that her rapper husband Kanye West always encourages her to dress sexier. Whilst discussing her sex life, the American reality star accepted in an interview with Love magazine that she and her 'Gold Digger' rapper loves to get nude, an online portal reported. The 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' star also expressed her desire of swapping body with step-sister Kendall Jenner for just a week, so that she can look bit higher up and fit into everything perfectly. Kardashian also had a racy nude photoshoot for Love. Feb 8, 2015