Ekta Kapoor
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Ekta Kapoor has been one of the few people from the industry who never shies away from calling a spade, a spade. With her uninhibited passion to produce projects and content which others would not dare to, Ekta has always been at the top of her game. From big screens, small screens to now OTT platforms; the Balaji scion has been spearheading the game of content.

At the trailer launch of Ragini MMS Returns 2, Ekta Kapoor told Deccan Chronicle, "We have these two young faces Divya (Agarwal) and Varun (Sood) as the leads. They already enjoy a massive fan following, but wanted this one slam-dunk moment that only the face of Ragini MMS could bring in. That's how we roped in Sunny Leone for the song as well as for a cameo in the series. She is truly magnificent and so are all other actors of the series. I love the fact that the series has this young and vibrant cast who has performed impeccably well. I am so happy and equally proud of doing this franchise."

"When we released The Dirty Picture, Vidya Balan had said on stage, 'sex karte sab hai, dekhte sab hai, aur main dirty hoon?' (Everyone has sex, watches sex, and I am the dirty one?) I actually believe that. If any girl is wearing a short skirt or clothes of her liking then you cannot criticise her but you need to keep your hands under control. As far as sex goes, sex is not wrong but non-consensual sex is wrong," she added.

"So many people write on my wall 'You are showing so much of sex which is why things are going wrong in our society'. To this I ask 'Really? Things are going wrong because people are watching sex?' I take the opportunity to say again that things are going wrong in our society because people are misusing sex. Sometimes even in marriages, sex is misused. Non-consensual sex happens in a marriage too. I really believe you should have a happy and fulfilled life without forcing yourself on anyone," Ekta Kapoor further added.