Rishi Kapoor yells at media
Rishi Kapoor yells at mediaVideo screengrab

Rishi Kapoor is known for losing his calm in many instances, and he did it again at Ekta Kapoor's Diwali party.

The veteran actor shouted at photographers, telling them not to make noise. A video of the incident appeared on social media that shows Rishi schooling the shutterbugs on maintaining a certain decorum.

"Don't make noise. We have to maintain our dignity. People shouldn't look down upon us film industry. Take your photographs, do your jobs, but don't make noise. I notice this all the time, you people shouting out 'look here, look there'. Please don't do that," Rishi can be seen saying in the video.

The situation lightened up a bit after a band person asked him if they can play music, and he replied saying, "Yes, you can. That's your job". The band guy then complained to him that it is the security people who create issues.

Rishi then won the photographers' appreciation after he said, "We wouldn't survive without them, and they wouldn't survive without us".

However, Rishi then continued telling them not to make noise and asked them to maintain decorum.

Rishi recently came back to India, following his cancer treatment. The actor now looks healthy as before and is back to his usual funny self. He had some time ago made his Twitter followers amused with a post on Dussehra.

The veteran actor worshipped a bottle opener as 'Shastra Puja' and posted a picture of the same with a caption that read, "Happy Dussehra! Festive season begins. Use weapon responsibly".