Ekta Kapoor
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Content visionary Ekta Kapoor was recently a part of two business summits wherein she shared insights into her business strategies.

Despite being daughter of a veteran actor, Ekta Kapoor chose to be an entrepreneur with which she not only created a mark par excellence but built an empire of herself spanning across mediums- TV, films as well as the digital medium. Owing to her expertise in content production, Ekta Kapoor was a part of the Economic Times Global Business Summit and Hindustan Times Imagine Fest 2019 in Delhi.

At the Economic Times Global Business Summit, Ekta Kapoor shared her journey and success with the audience. The filmmaker highlighted how the audience has evolved. There has been a change in the kind of content that they consume. Ekta Kapoor clarified that soon it will be a war of content versus content and not platform versus platform. There has been more and more polarisation, and by 2020, people will be consuming content on close to 500 million smartphone screens.

At Hindustan Times Imagine Fest 2019 Ekta Kapoor spoke about her journey from TV to films, revolutionizing the face of Indian Television with shows fronted by women, being a woman producer in Indian cinema, the subject that she chooses for her films, struggles and challenges in the film industry, becoming a mother through surrogacy and the new chapter in her life, balancing family and work.

Being a public figure for two decades, Ekta Kapoor has been an inspiration to the nation with her professional as well as personal choices. With many awards and achievements across films, television, and digital space, the producer has invaded, won and ruled all forms of entertainment.

Ekta Kapoor has been breaking stereotypes with good content and stories that grip the audience.

The content producer clearly knows the pulse of viewers across the platforms as she gave movies, TV shows as well as web shows based on different genres.

The filmmaker who has a wide audience across mediums believes in her audience and creates content catering to their needs.