Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada
Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada movie review by audience: Live update. Pictured: Ekkadiki Pothavu ChinnavadaTwitter

Director Vi Anand's Telugu movie Ekkadiki Pothavu (Potavu) Chinnavada (EPC) starring Nikhil Siddharth, Nandita Swetha and Hebah Patel has received positive reviews from the audience.

Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada is a romantic thriller about a female spirit which tries to reunite with her lover. Vi Anand has written the story and screenplay for the movie which is produced by PV Rao under the banner of Meghana Arts. The film has music by Sekhar Chandra, cinematography by Sai Sriram and editing by Chota K Prasad.

Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada revolves around Arjun (Nikhil Siddharth), who comes from Kerala to get psychological treatment for his friend (Vennela Kishore). He falls in love with Amala (Hebah Patel), who is a Telugu girl staying in Kerala. Later, he realizes that Amala is not a human but a spirit who has taken over Nitya's body. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

The audience says that Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada has a good script but starts on a sluggish note. But after 10 minutes, every moment of the film is thrilling and the first half is high on entertainment quotient. The second half is good but the climax is sluggish and some scenes are over the top.

Nikhil Siddharth, Nandita Swetha, Hebah Patel and Vennela Kishore have delivered good performances and this is the highlight of Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada. The movie's production values, music and picturisation are the attractions on the technical front, says the audience.

We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada movie review by audience:

Jalapathy Gudelli ‏@JalapathyG

#EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada: An entertaining thriller. Despite contrived climax, the film works. Nanditha's performance/camera work stand out

AVAD'S ‏@avadsays

#EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada is good mix of comedy, thrill & suspense - A breezy Watch Kudos to @actor_Nikhil sticking to story and allowing the heroines take a centre stage #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada u vl go a long way brothr @Nanditasweta is supremely impressive in #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada She is here to say.. Good looks with impressive acting skills

Sandeep Aatreya ‏@SandeepAatreya

Done with the first half of #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada. Filled with several edge-of-the-seat-thrill moments. Interesting interval bang. #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada is very good attempt. Liked @actor_Nikhil's performance to the core. @directorvianand deserve special mention

Suresh Kondi ‏@V6_Suresh

#EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada is an Intense thriller..Excellent work by @directorvianand..Congrats @actor_Nikhil for another "Different" Hit.

Rj Shiv radio city ‏@rjshiv_a3

#EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada is a cool fantasy Love story 4 da weekend.@actor_Nikhil is super cool @IamHebahPatel is cute & #nandiniswetha

Prasadam Raghu ‏@raghumaatv

#EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada: Lovable thriller. Interesting Screenplay Nice visuals & good performances

Vasu Patnaik ‏@vasu_patnaik

#EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada movie!!! Loved the film!! Very fresh and new concept!! @actor_Nikhil continues his story selection!!!

Sangeetha devi ‏@Sangeetha_Devi

Was in for a pleasant surprise with #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada Fun horror thriller for the most part with good performances.

Asrinreddy ‏@asrinreddy

First super and second half is running congrats to the #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada team @NirvanaCinemas @actor_Nikhil #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada is fiction thriller and comedy movie. Except last 15 mins everything is super. My rating is 3+ @actor_Nikhil

Andhra Octopus ‏@AndhraOctopus

#EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada Hit film. Positives: Gripping Screenplay Interesting Characters Comedy Nikhil. Negatives: Songs heroines

SG ‏@shankar2rinku

Vennela Kishore, praveen comedy n bgm #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada Good first half #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada V good attempt .. Climax drag aina dialogues tho cover aindi .. 3.5/5 #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada Top notch cinematography .. Superb bgm .. #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada. Small film makers must learn from this brilliant dir @directorvianand on making a mv with quality output in given shoestring budget

Summer ‏@superrbowl

@superrbowl #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada 1half last 10 mins good..rest lite.. @superrbowl #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada 2nd half 1st 20 mins hilarious comedy...rest is ok.. over all an ok movie and one time watch.

kalyan ‏@kalyan_krazy

#EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada Review: 1st Half: Good 2nd Half:Avg +ve: Nikhil Comedy Screenplay Cinematography -Ve: Songs Climax Rating:3/5

vijaya binigeri ‏@TarakBunny

@actor_Nikhil, @vennelakishore just watched #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada in USA Superb movie. Fresh story, good screenplay, excellent comedy. @directorvianand bhayya 1st movie ayina excellent ga tisaru, chimpesaru ponde. We need many more like this from you.

Vamsi Tummalachetty ‏@vamsiTc

@actor_Nikhil Just watched EPC, you rocked it again. Keep going with such fresh and unique content. Good Luck. #EPCMovie superb

Vicky ‏@Jst_Vickyy

Show cmpleted. Engaging scrnply wth good comedy. Climx inknchm better ga unte mvie inko level lo undedhi. Cngtz @actor_Nikhil bro #Hitbomma Ni Script selection ki Bhayya @actor_Nikhil. You're smethng different from other young heroes. Way to gooo. Amazing performance #EPC

⚽️✍️ ⚽️ ✍️ ‏@Nanis_Tweetz

@Nanis_Tweetz surprisingly very good. Superb comedy in 2nd half.. Liked it. #VIAnand is a talent to watch out.. #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada

Pavani javvadi ‏@pavani_javvadi

Just watched #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada in USA.lovely comedy and superb screenplay. congrats guys

G Sriniwasa Kumar ‏@SKNonline

.@actor_Nikhil story selection always impressive. @directorvianand have gud skill #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada 1st half interesting &thrilling. 2nd half is in hilarious mode Few scenes r rib tickling fun #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada Turning out fantastic with chills,thrills & laughs

Pavan Kumar ‏@paulpavan78

#EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada first half is excellent... very gripping screenplay... waiting for 2nd half @actor_Nikhil @elurucnu Enjoy weekend with #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada A must watch film. Hilarious comedy & gripping screenplay & music, camera work @actor_Nikhil

Skanajala ‏@skanajala

#EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada first half is excellent... very gripping screenplay... waiting for 2nd half @actor_Nikhil @elurucnu @igtelugu

Geetha Gautham ‏@geetha_gautham

#EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada superb first half.. Amazing interval scene... @actor_Nikhil @vennelakishore Waiting 4 da second half to unfold..

PuvvalaVirat ‏@PuvvalaVirat

#EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada A good different movie which can easily pass your time with enough entertainment,thrill and love. Watch it A special mention to director for #Vijayawada feeling #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada #LovedIt

Siva ‏@siva58_gm

Done with first half simply soooper @actor_Nikhil super performance @vennelakishore anna keka #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada

Swethapushpam ‏@Viveklyricist

@actor_Nikhil Excellent movie..... WE enjoyed.... good comedy in second half too.. great movie.. kudos to anand.... great script selection. @actor_Nikhil #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada nice movie and good performance from swetha and you.. nice script selection... iragadeesav bhayya

Santhosh ‏@chsanthosh830

Done with 1st half of #EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada Filled with several thrill moments Interesting interval bang @actor_Nikhil @Nanditasweta

Vinod adepu ‏@vinod_adepu

#EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada first half is excellent...second half mind blowing very gripping screenplay... @actor_Nikhil @hebahpatel

Survi ‏@PavanSurvi

#EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada (Till 1st Half) - Its predictable following a set formula, yet enjoyable in the first hour.

Raj C M ‏@RcMullapudi

#EkkadikiPothavuChinnavada is decent watch if u ignore first 10min n climax good one time watch