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Force 2 movie review by audience: Live update. Pictured: Force 2Twitter

Director Abhinay Deo's Bollywood movie Force 2 featuring John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha in the lead roles, has received positive reviews from the audience.

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Force 2 is an action thriller, which is a sequel to the 2011 hit film, Force. Parveez Shaikh and Jasmeet K Reen have jointly written the script for the movie, which brings back ACP Yashvardhan. Yashvardhan teams up with RAW Agent KK to bring down a mastermind terrorist, Shiv Sharma. The film is about the evil intention of one man, who puts the nation under threat by killing agents of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

The audience says Force 2 has a good story with interesting twists and turns and that the director has got an amazing grip over its narration. The film is produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah and John Abraham under the banner of Viacom Motion Pictures. It reportedly has good production values. The music, picturisation and brilliant choreography of action scenes are attractions on the technical front.

John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha have delivered sterling performances and their chemistry is one of the highlights of Force 2. Tahir Raj Bhasin's superb acting is another attraction of the movie. Genelia Deshmukh, Paras Arora and Narendra Jha, who are in the supporting cast, are also assets to the film, says the audience.

We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of Force 2 movie review by audience:

Priya Adivarekar ‏@priyaadivarekar

#Force2 Tweet Review | First half down & this espionage thriller has got us on the edge of our seats, right from the start! @Force2thefilm. Packed with high octane action sequences, superb stunts, stunning Budapest locales and fine BG score! @Force2thefilm So far (first half) both @TheJohnAbraham and @sonakshisinha pack a punch and have performed exceptionally well! Highly entertaining, gripping & real. @Force2thefilm is a superbly crafted action - thriller! Fab stuff @TheJohnAbraham @sonakshisinha Gotta give it to @TahirRajBhasin for a spine chillingly amazing act. Essays a challenging character with ease. Kudos! We've always loved John in action, but watch out! @sonakshisinha is the new 'action hero' in town. You go, girl!

Tushar Joshi ‏@TusharrJoshi

What a fantastic first half and how good is @TahirRajBhasin ! #Force2 has sprung a pleasant surprise. Tight narrative and gripping action. @TheJohnAbraham @sonakshisinha @TahirRajBhasin have a HUGE winner on their hands #force2. Tight narrative, superb action and fast paced. #Force2 has a credible plot and believable climax. Something our Desi espionage films lack. No songs n no forced romance big saving grace.

Ved Prakash Pati ‏@vppati

Just done with #Force2 ! It's racy, pacy, packs in some exciting action and chase sequences and makes up for a riveting watch ! #Force2 is @TheJohnAbraham show all the way. His sculpted body, washboard abs, vein revealing biceps have been strategically portrayed :) Like the way the movie breezes away in the 1st half only to become little slow post interval & end quite predictably towards the end #Force2 Sonakshi is clearly overshadowed by the gutsy, "throw caution to the winds" John ! She must try and avoid playing a feminist:) #Force2 Shout out to Tahir for playing the "cool as cucumber" villain. His rock solid, composed demeanor sends a chill down your spine :) #Force2 Songs were avoidable.Some action sequences deserved better treatment. Overall for its breezy action, #Force2 deserves a watch.Verdict: 2.5/5

Anmol maheshwari ‏@anmolmpi

@TheJohnAbraham @sonakshisinha commendable work done by both of you many congratulations, Exceptional story fight scene #Force2

Shreya ‏@narrychunks

@TheJohnAbraham #Force2 is such an amazing movie, had a great fun watching it, and sir it was a delight seeing you in the movie☺️

Bhawana Somaaya ‏@bhawanasomaaya

#Force2 is better than #Force watch it for director #AbhinayDeo's craftsmanship n for @TheJohnAbraham's action.

Somenᴸᴸᴮ ✌ᴾᵒⁱᴺᵗ⁰ ‏@Akki_Ka_Deewana

Watched #Force2 !!! After a long time a Dhamakedaar @TheJohnAbraham movie!! Loved it!!! Awesome!! Worth watching @TheJohnAbraham Thanks for showing d saddest truth about unsung spy heroes of India! ✌ great story. Brilliant action. Engaging BGM ✌ #Force2 Loved @Freddydaruwala , @bomanirani Cameo! #Force2When @Freddydaruwala appears on the big screen, that holiday BGM (oow..ooowwwww.ooowww..o o ooohh) was playing in my head #Force2 Overall #Force2 is throughout Thrilling! Great story with engaging BGM! Top notch action scenes are the highlights loved it!!!

Stanley Shaun Mathew ‏@ssm5995

#Force2 is definitely one of the better Indian action film to date imo, but the highlight of the film was it's cinematography, do watch it Fav part of #Force2 were those brilliant first person pov shots

Omais Shariff ‏@omaisshariff

Just Watched #Force2 in #UAE @Force2thefilm @TheJohnAbraham @sonakshisinha @TahirRajBhasin Superbbb Acting and Film.. must watch action..

Luv S Sinha ‏@LuvSinha

Saw @Force2thefilm last night. @TheJohnAbraham and @sonakshisinha were great in it. A gripping thriller with a good story. I loved it.


Superb Action + Awesome Cinematography + Brilliant Performers + Well designed n shot climax fight = #force2 @Force2thefilm #RjAlok

Freddy ‏@Freddydaruwala

Saw #Force2 last night.. one of the best espionage Films Bollywood has ever had!! Cracking action and performances!! A MUST WATCH.. Beautiful Landscape of #Hungary and nerve cracking action sequences topped with some lovely performances and a truthful message.. #Force2

Bhakti K Mehta ‏@bhaktikmehta

#Force2 is fantastic! Action packed.No drama.No bullshit! Gripping start to finish.Brilliant camera work in climax. #Bollywood has grown up!

Kapil Sonar ‏@kaps121

@TheJohnAbraham hello. You r intense & justifiable to the role in #Force2. I enjoyed never seen before action, especially d one in climax @TahirRajBhasin a happy go lucky villain who becomes intense as story moves towards climax. #Force2 sets good example of bad guy.

Ashish Saksena ‏@ashishsaksena

#force2 is glossy and stylish action film. @TheJohnAbraham is ideally suited for high octane action. @TahirRajBhasin is an absolute delight.

Priya Ranjan Pradhan ‏@ibapuni

Just saw #Force2 with exhilarating action & thrilling resurgence proves that @TheJohnAbraham remains an action star without equal #Force2 continues innovative action-sequences,thrilling story & performances is exhilarating @sonakshisinha @TahirRajBhasin shines...

Suprakash Mishra ‏@m_suprakash

#force2 Movie Review: @TheJohnAbraham is intense and impressive; the action won't disappoint. 3/5 Star. @TOIIndiaNews @JohnAbrahamCLUB

Deepali ‏@deepali_arya02

The angry young man makes another dhamakedaar entry The suspense intensifies. And what action sequences. Brilliant chase scenes #force2 Sonakshi's role is a little disappointing. Unexpected twist b4 interval. This movie is not just high octane but absolutely thrilling

Devansh Shah ‏@19ds07

What a movie! @TahirRajBhasin weren't u amazing?! @TheJohnAbraham @sonakshisinha u were rocking it as usual! #Force2 #force #Tahirrajbhasin

Umair Sandhu ‏@sandhumerry

Asian Cinema Magazine UAE Review #Force2. Terrific Thriller with Fantastic Action & Performances by @TheJohnAbraham @sonakshisinha. 3.5*/5*