Egyptian wedding
An Egyptian traditional dancer dances in front of a camel carrying one of 250 couples on their mass wedding ceremony.Reuters

A wedding party in Egypt ended up in chaos when the groom announced that he wants to divorce his wife because his mother-in-law asked him to let her talk to daughter one last time before they went on honeymoon.

It is not sure when the incident happened and even details about the families are not revealed. After the wedding got over, the couple got into the car to head home. The bride's parents approached the car and asked for a moment with her daughter, Al Watan newspaper reported.

The groom got angry and he started screaming at his in-laws. He told them that they don't need to see her again and say goodbye because they spent time with her all night before the wedding. The bride's uncle tried to convince the groom, but things didn't work.

The groom lost his temper, got out of the car and said he wants to divorce his newlywed wife.

"I swear on divorce, I am never getting in a car with her again and I am not entering our apartment tonight," he said, according to Al Watan newspaper.     

The argument soon escalated into a huge fight between the two families with the family members throwing chairs and metal objects at each other. According to reports, around five members got injured in the fight.

A source told the newspaper that the bride went to her husband's home, but the groom refused to go with her. He went to his family home in a different car and announced that he wants to divorce her. It is not clear whether the couple is still together or not.

The incident went viral on social media with several commenting in support of the bride.

"Good riddance... this divorce will be something she's always proud of," one user said.

"He has psychological problems, it's good this happened so early in the marriage. He's unfit for it and needs to be sent to a hospital for treatment," another user said.