Saudi women
Saudi womenReuters

A group of marriage officials in Saudi Arabia have formed a WhatsApp group that helps men find multiple wives and facilitates matchmaking. The group, named 'Polygamy', was reportedly created to curb the problem of divorced and unmarried women in the country.

The people who created the group said they have been urging men to take more than one wife to decrease the number of single women in Saudi Arabia. According to them, there has been a significant rise in the number of divorced women in Mecca which prompted them to encourage men to marry more than one woman.

The creators of the group also said that around 900 women have already signed up for the group, the services of which are free of cost, the Saudi Gazette reported. These women, which include divorcees, single women and widows, do not have problems being the second, third or fourth wife. They also said that the oldest women to have signed up was 55 years old and the youngest 18 years old. The details of their physique were also provided — height ranged from 140 to 177 centimeters while their weights were in the bracket of 45-98 kg.

Women belonged to different nationalities — Saudi, Yemeni, Moroccan, Syrian, Palestinian, Egyptian, Nigerian, Bangladeshi, Chinese and Pakistania among others. There were some women who only provided details of their nationality or tribe but they have provided the creators with enough information for marriage officials to get in touch with them when they come across an interested suitor.

There were also women who made difficult demands, like one of them demanded a dowry of SR 60,000 while another woman demanded that her suitor should know the entire Quran by heart. 

The educational qualifications of the women ranged from no education at all to a master's degree or high secondary school. One woman has a PhD and is a professor in a university.