People say it is very hard to stay away from pets. But instances of animal abandonment, which have become pretty common nowadays, say otherwise.

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A recent video that went viral on social media shows a dog chasing after what appears to be its owner's car for miles, perhaps mutely requesting them to take her back. After running through traffic for a long time, she becomes exhausted and gives up. The video has tugged at a million heartstrings, making people question the humanity of the owner.

The video shows the abandoned stray dog named Dinka trying her best to keep up with a car that speeds through traffic at Rostov-on-Don in Russia, leaving the poor animal behind. But is that the whole story?

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A woman named Dilyara Nosova has come forward, saying she was the driver of the car but the dog was not her pet, according to Daily Mail. Nosova said Dinka is a stray dog she sometimes feeds when she visits that area. Even then, the devotion of the animal towards the human who shows a little kindness is astounding.

Nosova has denied that she abandoned the dog, and said that her furry friend is a formerly abandoned stray and has six puppies. She said she regularly checks on the seven dogs, who live close to her weekend home but far from her house outside a communal building in the village.

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"I feed her and then she often runs after my car as far as a shop called Leroy Merlin, then returns to her puppies," Dilyara told Daily Mail.

Netizens have realized Dinka's yearning for love and a permanent home. They are now helping the family of canines find homes by looking for people who can adopt them. They are also raising funds to get the mother dog sterilized and vaccinated.

"Dinka deserves an owner who appreciates her amazing devotion," an animal-lover wrote on social media. Other users have raised concerns over the dog's risky pursuits amid heavy traffic. They want to ensure she finds a home before something unfortunate happens.