US President Donald Trump today tweeted about his visit to Florida last week that was part of his push to show that things are normal there despite coronavirus pandemic and people like him more than Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. 

This in the light of latest poll on his mishandling of the coronavirus crisis in the country and the sinking economy as a result which apparently has riled him a lot. 

To push back, he is making every effort to convince the American people that he has managed the crisis in the best way and that things are working normally in the country.

His trip to the sunshine state at the time when health experts are discouraging people to make the visit to the state was to prove sceptics wrong.

But Twitter showed that things are changing and people's opinions are swaying against him.

Donald Trump

His tweet which was intended to flaunt the crowd size that was there to welcome him on his visit to Florida drew attention to his misspelling and the presence of the thin crowd against his claim.

After he tweeted and claimed that there was a massive crowd which was even bigger than the crowd in 2016 (during his campaign) to greet him on his visit to Florida, people flooded their timelines with pictures of the open area meeting which showed very thin and sporadic crowd.

Trump crowd

It is FRORIDA, Trump says 

Secondly, he misspelled Florida as "Frorida," and was soon made fun of for making the error.

Trump discovers Frorida.
Trump discovers Frorida.IBT

Withing in minutes after him tweeting about his visit to Florida, more than 84 million of his followers took the notice of the misspelled Frorida and the word started to trend.

trump crowd

Why President' Donald Trump's typo matter

One cannot deny that for lesser mortals, like you and me, for once we can be excused for making grammatical or spelling mistakes, but if by luck or bad luck you are the president of US like Donald Trump, who has boasted of having the "the best words," there is no chance that you are not going to be grilled for making the typos or spelling errors.

Trump, who on several occasions has boasted about his intelligence, strong memory, his best words and education, on the contrary, has been frequently mocked for his spelling errors and odd usage of words.

Today, again, it was one of the many such days for Trump.

Trump misspellings since he took office

So frequent have been his spelling mistakes that the website, which tracks every word uttered by Trump and other politicians, called him Misspeller-in-Chief.

Since becoming the president of the United States, according to the website, Trump has made over 188 spelling errors. Which can be translated as a spelling error every five days.

While most of his mistake have either been corrected or forgotten few were etched in people's memory forever. Among those, the most famous has been "covfefe".

He even misspelt his wife's name on Twitter.

Trump has made over 188 spelling errors. Which can be translated as a spelling error every five days.

Here are some of his most famous spelling errors that caught people' attention:

This just a day after assuming the office of the President of the US, he tweeted, "I am honered to serve you, the great American People, as your 45th President of the United States!"

People, however, saved this tweet for another reason, for Trump misspelling "honoured/honored."

Donald Trump tweet

This when China seized a US Navy drone in December 2016. Trump took to the twitter to lash out at China but inadvertently drew mockery for his spelling of "unpresidented act."

Trump tweet

There have been many more typos and misspellings but most have been corrected later like this.

Donald Trump