The infamous tic-tac UFOTo The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences

It was in 2004 that US Navy pilots witnessed a mysterious flying object that traveled at neck-breaking speed by defying all laws of current physics. Now popularly known as the 'tic-tac' UFO incident, the sighting has made many people believe that this flying vessel could be an alien craft that visited the earth from deep space. But now, Mike Turber, a former United States Air Force intelligence expert has claimed that this UFO actually belongs to the country's military.

Did Donald Trump deploy UFO?

Turber revealed that reigning President Donald Trump knows about this secret military vessel. He also claimed that Donald Trump has used this UFO in November 2017 against North Korea to proclaim the might and power of the United States.

In a recent talk with Daily Star, Turber argued that the president deployed this secretive flying vessel at the peak of tensions with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un who was repeatedly conducting missile tests.

"At the time, he wanted to show Kim that he has the capability to do anything so he sent it over there. The exact details are super-classified but Kim was made aware that the craft would show up which was where he was staying. Whether or not he was able to see it, I don't know or what the reaction to it was I don't know. A phone call was made from the White House to North Korea so maybe he was given a warning ahead of time," said Turber.

Interestingly, just a few days after the alleged deployment of this mysterious flying vessel, Donald Trump designated North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Is Donald Trump's space force already operational?

A few months back, conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Third Phase of Moon' had claimed that the tic-tac UFO incident is proof that the space force has been operational for several years. Blake Cousins, who operates this YouTube channel also alleged that the military has made several anti-gravity vessels using reverse engineering.