There are many strange tales that surface out of Hollywood from time to time. Lying, cheating, divorces, sex tapes, are common headlines to come out of the industry. But Paris Hilton takes the word 'controversy' to a whole new level. Here are some of her most bizarre news stories that prove how quirky the Hilton hotel heiress is in real life.

A dog mansion

Celebrity pets are known to lead as luxurious lives as their owners. But Paris took pampering your pet a notch up by building a dog mansion. In 2017, she shared some pictures of her pet dog's mansion. The dog house was two-storey tall and equipped with an air conditioner, heating system, and chandeliers. It was also decorated in her signature pink colour. The Italian mansion could very well be bigger than many people's homes!

A BFF audition

Much before 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' changed reality TV forever, Hilton's show 'The Simple Life' was quite a hit. The show stared her and her childhood bestie, Nicole Richie. But the two had a fall out due to which the show was cancelled. However, Hilton took matters in her own hands and started a new show where she auditioned people for the role of her best friend.

A £3,500 reward on her lost dog

The dog mansion makes it clear how much she loves her dogs. But the hotel heiress once lost her beloved pet. In 2004, her Hollywood mansion was ransacked by burglars. Her teacup chihuahua, Tinkerbell was also stolen along with many of her precious possessions. Hilton announced a reward of a whopping £3,500 and surely enough, Tinkerbell was returned to her within a few weeks.

Paris has created many headlines over the years for going to jail, claiming that she created Kim Kardashian and her family's careers, and for her relationships. But these quirks truly stand out!