Over the years, many people have wondered what makes Kim Kardashian famous. She is not technically an actress or a model but still continues to enjoy front row seats to all fashion shows, and runs a super successful reality show with her family. But things were not always this rosy, and Kim actually had a rocky start thanks to a sex tape.

Kim came into the limelight thanks to her hotel heiress BFF, Paris Hilton. This was a time when Kim was also dating Ray-J who she spent her 23rd birthday with Cabo. This is exactly where the couple's infamous sex tape was shot.

The couple's sex tape was released in March 2007 by the porn company Vivid Entertainment. Kevin Dickson, a former editor at In Touch Weekly, also revealed that Kim tried to date Nick Lachey to get the status of a celebrity girlfriend. Kevin said, "She would literally bake him a basket of muffins and try to get him to come to her house and he wouldn't go."

When the sex tape released, things started improving for Kim. But her friendship with Paris Hilton hit the rocks. Hilton made some shocking statements about Kim too. She said, "Kim was a young, ambitious thing and she was determined to make it in Hollywood, because she didn't graduate college, she wouldn't necessarily have got a real job."

The two ladies stared together on a reality show, 'The Simple Life', at the time.The Simple Life was later cancelled and a few weeks later Kim got her own reality show.

Ever since, Kim and her sisters have grown up to be major influencers and reality TV stars. She is also now married to rapper Kanye West and has four children. With an Instagram following of over 165 million, she sure has come a long way.