Both Paris Hilton and Lindsay Logan were big names in the early 2000s. Paris Hilton had shit to fame with her sex tape and Lindsey Lohan was about to be infamous for her downward spiral as well as being a child star cautionary tale. Since then, both women have taken several shots at each other in public.

Neither of them seemed to be backing down. Lohan, who once accused Hilton of hitting her, called the Simple Life alum "a c—t," while Hilton laughed hysterically alongside pal Brandon Davis, who infamously referred to the Freaky Friday actress as "fire crotch."

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton was a celebrity socialite and Lindsay Lohan was an actress with a few hits to her name. But lately, both of them seem to have faded into obscurity.

Paris Hilton's position taken over by Kim Kardashian? 

Paris Hilton's position seems to have been taken over by Kim Kardashian, who used to work for Paris Hilton. Kim Kardashian and her family are enjoying the spoils from their successful reality TV show, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

lindsay lohan
lindsay lohan

However, it seemed as though their feud had cooled off in June 2017. Lindsay Lohan seemed to have offered Paris Hilton an olive branch disguised as an invitation to her 31st birthday. It didn't seem to work as Hilton apparently threw some shade at her frenemy later that year.

Paris Hilton accused Lindsay Lohan of crashing her famous outing with Britney Spears when they were dubbed 'The Holy Trinity.'

Paris Hilton didn't seem to stop their either, she later went on to call Lindsay Lohan a "pathological liar" as well. We hope that the two can bury the hatchet soon.