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DMK chief MK StalinIANS

The city police on Thursday booked Sabareesan, son-in-law of M.K. Stalin for allegedly spreading rumours about All India Anna Dravida Munetra Kazhagam's (AIADMK) Deputy Speaker V. Jayaraman.

Jayaraman had lodged a complaint against Sabareesan for linking him and his family members to the Pollachi sexual absuse-cum-blackmail case. Jayaraman had lodged the complaint with the state's cyber crime cell, who immediately swung into action after the FIR was filed. 

Sabareesan has been charged for wantonly giving provocation for creation of riot, forgery for harming reputation, use of forged document as genuine one and for spreading rumours.

On his part Stalin has sent a legal notice to Jayaraman demanding apology for making slanderous statement against him, the DMK said in a late night statement on Thursday.

Stalin, on the other hand, criticised the government for naming the vicitm in a statement released to the media.

Jayaraman has charged the DMK behind is defaming him and his family.

In the legal notice to Jayaraman, the DMK President said the former had made false allegations in the media that he, his family members and his party are behind the sexual abuse case and are attempting to protect some accused involved in the criminal act which are defamatory.

The Pollachi rape case is regarding a group of four men who befriend young women, sexually assault them and film the incident. They then use the videos to blackmail the girl into providing them with sexual favours and money. 

One such girl, a 19-year-old college student was a victim and took her family into confidence. Her family then lodged a complaint witht the Pollachi police who later discovered that the men could have been doing this for the past seven to eight years. Shockingly, they also found eveidence of political play and that some political figures might have been involved in this. 

An AIADMK member, A Nagaraj, had defended one of the accused sprking rumours that he might have had a hand in this. Nagaraj even attacked the survivor's brother and was booked by the police was was let go later. According to a report by Hindustan Times, many videos have surfaced of Nagaraj's active involvement in the racket. After this, his shop was repeatedly atacked by the locals.